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When I was a young graduate student in the early 1970’s I had a philosophy professor. I will simply refer to him as Dr. Z to protect his identity. Dr. Z started his career as an American Baptist minister who then became a Congregationalist and then a Unitarian. By the time I reached him as a student he had become a full-blown¬†cynical atheist. Dr. Z was also a multiculturalist and a despiser of Western Culture. I will always remember him stating that all of Western Civilization’s teachings could be summed up in four words, “Think and be kind.” Dr. Z more than likely thought he was being clever and sarcastic about Western Civilization.

Over the last forty years I have thought often about Dr. Z’s remarks. He was right, but in a far different and more profound way than he supposed. The two ideas that have governed the development of our culture have been reason and the Golden Rule. We received reason (or logic) from the Greeks. Thus the Greeks taught us to think in a reasonable logical process. It was from the Judeo-Christian ethic that we received the admonition to be kind. This reached its zenith in the teachings of Jesus known as the Golden Rule. It states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Western Culture is far from perfect, but its twin ideals (Think and be kind) have been our guiding lights. Islamic Civilization on the other hand is the only world religion that has no concept of the Golden Rule. Also, Islam does not have a unitary sense of logic. It is dualistic in its thought process. Wherever radical Islam is enshrined brutality, torture and warfare are the rule. If Islamic culture could be summed up in four words it might just be “Stupidity and be cruel”.

With all of its many faults I prefer the “think and be kind” of the West over Islamic culture. Think and be kind are after all a pretty good way to live one’s life.

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