The Problem With Islam

Fellow infidels,

Constantine has broken it all down for us…Mohammed was considered  the prototype of the perfect man…a pedophile, woman-hater, violent political leader who used religion as an excuse for all of this.  Read it and pass on to your cluless liberal friends.

– Burkasrugly

The Prophet Mohammed is considered the ideal man worthy of emulation by all true Muslims. In many ways the goal of Islam is the imitation of the life of Mohammed. All Muslims should strive to be just like Mohammed.

So, let us count the ways Muslims are still attempting to be like their Prophet.

Mohammed led or directed 74 military actions. In the last 10 years of his life that was one act of bloody violence every month and a half. The doctrine of Jihad arose as a direct formulation of the excessive violence perpetuated by Mohammed. Only Islam of all the world’s religion has a theology of aggressive warfare. In one afternoon Mohammed presided over the beheading of 800 Jewish men and boys.

That same night Mohammed raped the widow of one of the Jewish men killed earlier that day. He routinely endorsed the right of Muslim soldiers to rape women they had captured.

Also, Mohammed when he was fifty married Aisha, a six-year-old girl. Thus he instituted in Islam the practice of pedophilia. Imams even today defended routinely this horrible practice. So it is quite common to see 40-year-old men marrying 4-year-old child brides.

Mohammed endorsed slavery. He taught that all infidels could be enslaved if they were captured in jihad. Islam has had a 1400 year history of slavery. Even in the Sudan and Saudi Arabia slaves exist today in the hundreds of thousands.

Apostasy is a crime punishable by death in all the schools of Islamic jurisdiction. Islam is the only world religion that you cannot leave under any circumstance. And if you have the temerity to leave you will be killed in most countries who fully implement Sharia law.

Mohammed was also a thief. One of his cardinal teachings was that Muslims had an Allah given right to the possessions of non-Muslims. Therefore stealing and looting were perfectly permissible actions.

Women are treated horribly under Islam. They are treated little better than beasts. Mohammed started the long tradition of abusing women, especially his wives. Misogyny is a hallmark of Islam. Stoning and lashing of women are carried out far too frequently in Islamic countries.

Lying, or sacred deception was practiced by Mohammed. Any lie that advances the cause of Islam is a meritorious deed.

So, Mohammed was a warlord, rapist, murderer, pedophile, slaver, brigand, liar and misogynist. (I am sure I have missed several of his prominent vices.) Every other religion seeks to elevate and uplift mankind. The goal of religion, with the exception of Islam, is to make humanity more decent and moral. Islam seeks to appeal to the baser elements of human nature. As long as the folly of Mohammed persists as the founder of a great religion its adherents will live in the gutter. Mohammed is precisely the problem with Islam.

In hoc signo vinces,


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  1. great, well done, this is your existence, write lies upon lies. maybe you are insane, or brainwashed, but time to read up on history and not just Google. You see this great obsession of Muhammed is actually a sign of hatred because of the real truth you know of him. Even great historians of the west, knew what Muhammed was about, they would be ashamed of what lies you write.

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