Wild Bill Arrested In Canada For "Hate Speech"

Fellow Kafirs, This is the speech that our friend Wild Bill was going to give in Canada, but Canadian officials detained him and questioned him for hours. He never was permitted to give the speech. They took his iPad and have not returned it. This is all because their prime minister is sympathetic to Muslims […]

Wild Bill Praises ACT! For America

Fellow kaffirs, Our friend, Wild Bill for America, spoke in Florida at one of ACT! for America’s rallies against Sharia law. In the video below he talks about that, plus he explains how horrible Sharia law is and how bad it would be if it ever took hold in America. Listen as he describes what […]

Canada Arrests Wild Bill On Trumped-Up Smuggling Charge

Fellow infidels, Apparently Canada wants to lock up a man who speaks out about Muslim violence.  However, they look the other way when Muslims participate in hate speech and violence against women and children.  But, hey, that is ok, right?  We must bow down to Islam because we are mere kafirs, right?  Take a look […]

American Feminists Are Subservient To Islam

Fellow kafirs, It is a historical fact that women in America had to fight for the right to vote and other rights.  No one has denied that, but women can do or be whatever they want in America – and it has been like that for quite some time. It is the law, plus it […]

Liberals Want Americans To Be Slaves Of Islam

Fellow kafirs, Europe is probably going to be a caliphate in the next 10-15 years because of foolish liberals.  America will be too if we keep refusing to stand up for our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN culture. Be proud of it!  Don’t let anyone try to guilt you into feeling ashamed of our culture by trying to say […]

It Has Nothing To Do With Islam And Other Lies

Fellow kafirs, We all know the song and dance that occurs every time another Muslim terrorist kills or maims someone….CAIR and the liberals bend over backwards to try to convince everyone that Islam had nothing whatsoever to do with the current atrocity. It is so ridiculous because everyone knows the truth yet these idiots still […]

Wild Bill: Take Down Mosques

Fellow kafirs, Wild Bill is spot on: Our law enforcement needs to take down the mosques and expel the importers of terrorism.  This is SO refreshing to hear. Have you noticed that the REPUBLICAN candidates are very bold about the Muslim issue? ‘Bout time! Love the comment about President Jihad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-MHafMY47Y0 Until next time, Burkasrugly