Bankrupt Professors And Pastors

Fellow kaffirs, We haven’t posted a video from Dr. Bill Warner in quite a while, so we thought it would be a treat to do so. Dr. Warner is very perceptive and when he says that many college professors and pastors are bankrupt he is right on the money.  He has an interesting message in […]

The Islamic Caliphate Equals A Violent Utopian Nightmare

Fellow Kaffirs, ACT! for America chapter leader, Robert Norvell, has penned a very eye-opening article that recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun as a letter to the editor.  Please pass on to your friends – Burkasrugly Since the beginning of time people have dreamed of a perfect society. Those of us who have been on […]

ACTION ALERT: Tennessee School Bullied By CAIR Needs To Hear From You

Fellow infidels, ACTION ALERT!  Please see the message below from an ACT! for America chapter leader.  We need to help this man – Burkasrugly Our friend and director of the Knoxville chapter of Act ! For America John Peach HAD a scheduled Town Hall event for April 24th at the Farragut high school auditorium in […]

Meanwhile Back In Sweden

Fellow infidels, A beheading in broad daylight in London; several nights of rioting in Sweden.  Muslim agression is on the march.  And it will come here to America if something is not done.  Please read Constantine’s analysis of these events below – Burkasrugly The world’s attention has been rightly riveted on the horrible murder perpetuated on the streets […]

It's Miller Time (Iranian Style)

Fellow infidels, Make sure that you tell your friends about this blog so they will know that under Sharia law a person can be put to death for drinking alcohol.  This is astounding.  It helps to emphasize the value of the U.S. Constitution, especially the part that forbids “cruel and unusual punishment.”  In light of […]