Florida To Vote On American Laws For American Courts

Fellow infidels, Please read the following important letter concerning ALAC (which we have been trying to get passed in Arkansas).  If you feel compelled, please send an email to the committee. – Burkasrugly The Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee will consider HB 903 titled Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases on Wednesday, March 18, 2014 […]

Terrorism Threat Growing In United States

Fellow infidels, Well, the Religion of Peace is spreading its love again.  According to FoxNews.com, Senator Diane Feinstein, not exactly a stalwart conservative, says that “terrorism is up worldwide,” and that “fatalities are way up.” The story also went on to say: Though neither lawmaker offered specifics about what led them to their conclusions, Feinstein […]

A Ham Sandwich

Fellow infidels, Constantine comments on an attack on an infidel who was merely eating a ham sandwich in front of Muslim savages.  Their attacks are getting tiresome – Burkasrugly From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Department, comes this bona fide incident from France: “It sounds incredible but it is being treated with great seriousness […]

I Confess

Fellow infidels, The master of tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic humor is back – that’s right, The Scarlet Pimpernel has struck again!  It has been said that any good humor has an element of truth in it, and boy does Pimpernel’s piece rise to the occasion.  Pimpernel is just saying what the vast majority of Americans are thinking, […]

When You Need the London Police in Seconds, They Take (20) Minutes to Arrive

Fellow infidels, When the British start arresting 85-year-old grannies for telling the truth about Islam, but yet treat savage beasts – like the ones who beheaded and hacked to death the British soldier last recently – it is way past time to be alarmed.  Constantine will fill you in below.  When we think they have […]

Muslim Advocates For Beheading Gays On Live Radio Show

Fellow infidels, What multicultural acrobatics will the liberals have to do to straddle the fence on this?  They love the gays, but yet they also hold up the Muslims as the ‘Religion of Peace.’  Here is the actual broadcast where a man describing himself as a Muslim called in to a New York radio station and […]

Hold On To The Constitution

Fellow infidels, Constantine calls on all patriots to resist the assault on freedom and liberty that we are bombarded with each and every day.  Freedom is not free, as our generation is finding out – Burkasrugly “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster […]

Sharia Law And The 2nd Amendment

Fellow infidels, Ronald Reagan’s words ring true today as they did in 1964 in his famous “A Time For Choosing” speech.  In it he was speaking of communism, but his words of wisdom can be applied to the Islamic threat today.  He said, “We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced […]

Sharia Law Being Exported To America

Fellow infidels, Please watch this short clip from our friends at the American Center for Law and Justice. It includes several very credible experts, including Andy McCarthy, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. It is from an ACLJ documentary called “The Export.” The thing that is being exported is Sharia […]

Brigitte Gabriel Debates Islamic Professor

Fellow infidels, The gall of this Muslim professor is breathtaking. He thinks that Sharia law isn’t so bad, but I wonder what he would think if he weren’t in the cozy position of being a Muslim male? Does he not care about Muslim women?  This is the thing about Muslims….especially Muslim men. They have no […]