Sharia And Women

Fellow kafirs, Please consider the following facts about women and Sharia compiled by Constantine. Women living under Sharia law are doomed – Burkasrugly According to Linda Sarsour Sharia is the most pro woman ideology on the face of the earth. How then Ms. Sarsour do you justify the following tenets of Sharia espoused in the […]

Wild Bill Praises ACT! For America

Fellow kaffirs, Our friend, Wild Bill for America, spoke in Florida at one of ACT! for America’s rallies against Sharia law. In the video below he talks about that, plus he explains how horrible Sharia law is and how bad it would be if it ever took hold in America. Listen as he describes what […]

Governor Hutchinson: Sharia Law Protections "Unnecessary"

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun. (Documentation is included at the end of the letter). Note that one of the things that the writer points out is that Governor Asa Hutchinson thinks that Arkansas does not need protection from Sharia law. Really?   He needs to wake up! […]

Sharia And The Constitution

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor appeared recently in the Jonesboro Sun. It was written by Robert Norvell, ACT for America chapter leader Jonesboro, AR – Burkasrugly The United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights is based firmly on the bedrock premise that all people are equal under the law. And thus […]

A New Poll On American Muslims

Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy released the results of a poll last week on American Muslims that is both mind numbing and terrifying. The Gaffney poll surveyed 800 Muslims from all 50 states diversified almost equally by gender, and representative of all ages of adult Muslims. An astounding 51% of those surveyed preferred Sharia […]

Action Alert: Help American Laws For American Courts Pass

Fellow kafirs, We need your help in contacting Arkansas legislators (names and contact information at the end of this blog).  Pleast try to contact all of them, but if you can only contact one or two please  concentrate on Sens. Johnson and Burnett- Burkasrugly SB229 is common-sense legislation that protects Arkansas residents’ individual, fundamental constitutional […]

British Muslim Cleric Says Sharia Will Be Implemented Globally

Fellow Kafirs, And he indicates in the video below that Kafirs won’t be able to do a thing about it. Oh, yeah, really Anjem old boy? He needs to think about that for a while. It won’t fly here. The government may try to force it on us, but if it tries that, Uncle Sam […]

Former Muslim Warns US About Implementing Sharia

Fellow infidels, Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim, has risked her life to warn us all about the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law into our legal system. Listen as she speaks about the chilling threats by Muslims who said they would behead her and harm her children.  And Islam claims it is peaceful? Poppycock! […]