Bob Beckel Debates Muslim Upset By Egg Hunt Invitation

Fellow infidels, Last night on Hannity, Bob Beckel and Hannity debated the Muslim man who objected to flyers his children received at school inviting them to an Easter Egg hunt.  Watch the segment below: Beckel  was  dead-on right when he said this: “I think the kind of passion this gentleman has that he directs at the […]

ACT! For America President Debates Islamic Shill

Fellow infidels, The president of ACT! for America, Brigitte Gabriel, debated Michael Ghouse a couple of days ago on the Sean Hannity show. Either Mr. Ghouse is attempting to spew taqqyia, or he is totally clueless. He is trying to defend Iran, but Brigitte is having none of it. Watch the clip: Notice near […]

ACT! For America President Condemns Political Correctness

Fellow infidels, ACT! for America President Brigitte Gabriel was on Hannity recently talking about the Boston Marathon bombers.  Hannity was frustrated at how the CIA, FBI, and Russia warned the United States about these guys, but yet not one thing was done about it. Brigitte  has been fighting not only Islamic jihad for some time, but its […]

Brigitte Gabriel Debates Islamic Professor

Fellow infidels, The gall of this Muslim professor is breathtaking. He thinks that Sharia law isn’t so bad, but I wonder what he would think if he weren’t in the cozy position of being a Muslim male? Does he not care about Muslim women?  This is the thing about Muslims….especially Muslim men. They have no […]

ACT! President Brigitte Gabriel Challenges Obama On Libya

Fellow infidels, ACT! for America has been on the forefront of warning Americans about radical Islam for several years. It is becoming apparent that ACT!  is going to be the organization that Americans – and government leaders – think of and consult concerning national security concerns. Our president, Brigitte Gabriel, is responsible for a large part of the success of ACT!  […]

Muslims Using Textbooks To Indoctrinate School Children

Fellow infidels, Islam is portrayed in a much more favorable light than Christianity and Judaism in many American textbooks.  Please take a look at the videos below and pass on to your friends who may have children or grandchildren in school.  It is a good thing that children are taught about world religions.  However, there […]