Steven Crowder: Jesus VS Mohammed

Fellow infidels, Steven Crowder is probably getting lots of death threats from the “Religion of Peace” after he posted the video below.  In it, he compares Jesus and Mohammed.  It has been said that the best humor has a grain of truth in it.  If that is true, then this video has some rockin’ humor […]

Curing Liberalism: The 21st Century's Black Plague

Fellow infidels, “Dr.” Wild Bill for America is on a quest to cure liberalism, which is a mental disorder.  And one of the symptoms of this horrendous disease is that the sufferer has a propensity to appease evil instead of face it down and defeat it.  As Bill says, standing against evil requires personal courage, […]

More Threats Of Rape By The Religion Of Peace

Fellow infidels, Muslims continue to prove our point that a number of them are violent, women-hating beasts. Check this blog out from Logan’s Warning where one Muslim threatened violence: “dream on, you already have a muslim as president and your fat butt is still attached to your chair, what will happen is that America will cease to […]

Muslim Rioting, Violence Getting Tiring

Fellow infidels, Pat Condell has a few words for the Muslims who have been rioting lately. For being dubbed the “Religion of Peace” they sure have not been living up to their name.  The rest of the world – that’s 4.5 billion people- are getting tired of all this stinkin’ violence.  Citizens around the globe […]

Islam: The Religion Of Atrocity

For the umpteenth time, the word Islam does not mean peace! Clinton, Bush and Obama, not withstanding, Islam means submission. Submission means subordination, a nicer word for abject slavery. It would be far more accurate to say Islam means war, torture, slavery, abuse, murder and barbarism. Conciseness dictates that Islam is a religion of atrocity. […]

Muslim Cleric Advocates Murder Of Jewish Babies In Womb

Fellow infidels, In an article on The Blaze titled “Egyptian Journalist Calls Out ‘Terroristic, Hypocritical’ Muslims for Defaming Islam and Muhammed” journalist Ahmed El Aswany, an Egyptian Muslim, said it is not the West that is defaming Islam with cartoons, books and free speech, but rather Muslims “for imposing a terroristic, hypocritical, and life-hating Islamic model […]

Mohammed's Personal Record Of Jihad

Fellow infidels, Constantine writes about passages from the classic manual of Islamic law, The Reliance of the Traveller –  Burkasrugly “Details concerning Jihad are found in the accounts of the military expeditions of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) including his own martial forays and those on which he dispatched others. The former consist of […]