Brigitte Gabriel: Peaceful Majority Of Muslims Irrelevant

Fellow Kafirs, Check out this video featuring a panel of conservatives including the president of ACT! for America, Brigitte Gabriel. The entire video is good, but at about the 4:10 mark Brigitte begins to speak.  She is responding to a muslima who complains about the myth that anti-jihadists consider all muslims in a negative light. Brigitte […]

Progressives In Britain Invited Beheading

Fellow infidels, Michelle Malkin is absolutely correct about the PC progressive culture in England being responsible for the young British officer being beheaded in broad daylight yesterday.  Is this the same country that gave the world Winston Churchill???? Yes, they have brought the Muslim menace upon themselves, and it may be too late to stop […]

John Wesley On Islam

Fellow infidels, John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, had Islam’s number…and he was most definitely not politically correct.  More religious leaders should follow his lead and develop a backbone.  It would make this struggle a lot easier.  Read Strider the Ranger’s commentary on Wesley below- Burkasrugly In the 18th Century John Wesley founded what is […]

Allen West Understands Islamic Threat

Fellow infidels, Allen West thoroughly understands the threat from Islam and is not afraid to speak the truth.  To say that he is not Politically Correct is a monumental understatement.  We need men and women of courage like Congressman West to represent us. You will love his new video below – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Muslim Immigrants Responsible For Rash Of Rapes In Norway

Fellow Infidels, This is another example of why it is too dangerous to allow Islamic immigrants into our country.  And it is definitely a good reason to stop Sharia law from infiltrating our legal system.  Norway, a liberal country  in Europe, has allowed them into their country, and how do they repay this kindness?  By […]

Rick Santorum Calls Out Obama On Radical Islam

Fellow infidels, We love the fact that Rick Santorum spoke the truth at the debate in New Hampshire last night…he stated that radical Islam is a threat to our country.  He also pointed out that Obama has sanitized all documents relating to the war so that they no longer include the words “radical Islam.”  Watch […]

Mainstream American Media Protecting CAIR

Fellow infidels, We have a new guest blogger, Fishin’ Guy, who has written about the way the mainstream media is undermining our culture by not doing their job.  Burkasrugly – If the mainstream media had been doing its job they would have been reporting extensively on the largest terrorism-finance trial in American history. The Holy […]


Fellow infidels, Welcome our newest contributor….The Scarlet Pimpernel. Enjoy. On May 6, 2010 the Rev. Franklin Graham was disinvited by the Pentagon from speaking at the National Day of Prayer. According to Webster’s Dictionary the word “disinvite” means “to withdraw an invitation”. In 2001 Franklin Graham characterized radical Islam as evil. In the coming months […]