Devout Muslim Rapes Women, Children To Punish Them

Fellow infidels, You will be accused of practicing “Islamaphobia” if you are outraged about what this monster did.  Sunny Islam said that he raped these women in England just because he was punishing them for being out at night by themselves.  He even raped a 15-year-old child.  (By Islamic standards, she was middle-aged) Read the story at Atlas Shrugs.  England […]

Muslim Kidnaps, Rapes 110-year-old Woman

Fellow infidels, File this one under the “I didn’t think they could sink any lower” file. This vile Islamic monster kidnapped and raped a 110-year-old woman. We wonder if she will now be sentenced to be stoned to death. After all, it is all her fault for bringing “dishonor” onto her family, according to Sharia […]