Most Muslims Are Better People Than Mohammed

The two seminal figures of Christianity and Islam are Jesus and Mohammed. Most orthodox Christian theology views Jesus as fully man and fully God and thus incapable of sin and wrong doing. Even people who do not accept the divinity of Christ view him as a moral exemplar. Jesus with his emphasis on total love […]

Mohammed And Jesus On Stoning

Fellow infidels, The differences between Mohammed and Jesus is striking….some might say it is literally the difference between light and dark. Constantine discusses one aspect that illustrates this point very succinctly. Mohammed A Jew and a Jewess were brought to the Prophet on a charge of committing an illegal sexual intercourse. The Prophet asked the […]

Mohammed, The Perfect Man (In His Own Words}

Fellow infidels, Muslims believe that Mohammed was the perfect man, and he should be emulated.  This explains a lot – Burkasrugly M. A. Khan, the author of Islamic Jihad, writes of Mohammed, “He was the kindest, fairest, most just, and most merciful, while he possessed no cruelty or barbarity at all.” The prophet Mohammed when […]

A Simple One Word Explanation

There are a myriad explanations set forth by a myriad of commentators as why the radicalization of the Brothers Tsarnaevas occurred. Theories run the gamut from the simple to the absurdly complex. Obviously, these two had a Jihad Mom and a Jihad Auntie, as Michelle Malkin claimed. But the One Word explanation is the most […]

Oh No, Not The Easter Bunny !

Fellow infidels, Perhaps Muslims will be converted to Christianity through eating Cadbury cream eggs, a favorite candy that is available during the Easter season.  After all, Muslims have a rather dreary life of stoning and beheading people all day long. Maybe a Cadbury egg will mellow them out.  Read what that intrepid blogger, The Scarlet […]

Was Mohammed A Cross Dresser?

Fellow infidels, Now we can add to the list of Mohammed’s attributes: pedophile, woman-hating, Jew-hating cross-dresser. Quite impressive, huh? Watch the video and you will learn what verses support this assertion.  It is ironic that the Muslims in the video are harrassing a gay guy on a London street with makeup on while their prophet talks […]

Another Memphis Area Church Throws Jesus Under The Bus

Fellow infidels, If you, being a follower of Christ in the Christian nation of America, were to hear of an event called ‘The Man Who Changed The World’ whom would you assume that man would be?  Well, if you are talking about the aforementioned event that will be hosted at Heartsong United Methodist Church in […]