Evil Mainstream Media Demonizes Israel,Supports Sharia

Fellow infidels, Do you find it strange that the mainstream media supports Islamic  caveman ideology (Sharia) that allows women to be stoned to death and gays to be hung, yet they demonize the only civilized country in the region?  Do these Useful Idiots think that they will be spared beheadings because they are loyal to […]

Mainstream American Media Protecting CAIR

Fellow infidels, We have a new guest blogger, Fishin’ Guy, who has written about the way the mainstream media is undermining our culture by not doing their job.  Burkasrugly – If the mainstream media had been doing its job they would have been reporting extensively on the largest terrorism-finance trial in American history. The Holy […]

Moon God Allah Losing Converts To Christianity

Searching for a bit of good news, I was looking through videos at YouTube and found this clip from Fox News.  Joel Rosenberg, an evangelical Christian, reports that thousands of Iraqi’s are converting to Christianity.  This might make Osama bin Laden a bit grumpy.   Let’s hope that this trend continues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAT9KChzdtA When people find that they […]