Sharia And Women

Fellow kafirs, Please consider the following facts about women and Sharia compiled by Constantine. Women living under Sharia law are doomed – Burkasrugly According to Linda Sarsour Sharia is the most pro woman ideology on the face of the earth. How then Ms. Sarsour do you justify the following tenets of Sharia espoused in the […]

Bankrupt Professors And Pastors

Fellow kaffirs, We haven’t posted a video from Dr. Bill Warner in quite a while, so we thought it would be a treat to do so. Dr. Warner is very perceptive and when he says that many college professors and pastors are bankrupt he is right on the money.  He has an interesting message in […]

Wild Bill Praises ACT! For America

Fellow kaffirs, Our friend, Wild Bill for America, spoke in Florida at one of ACT! for America’s rallies against Sharia law. In the video below he talks about that, plus he explains how horrible Sharia law is and how bad it would be if it ever took hold in America. Listen as he describes what […]

Writer Defends ACT! For America

Fellow Kaffirs, Iris Stevens recently had a letter published in the Jonesboro Sun. She defended ACT! for America due to a previous letter writer’s criticism of the organization.  Please note that she includes documentation after the letter – Burkasrugly Paul Hiebing’s recent strong criticism of Robert Norvell’s letter regarding Muslim treatment of women was eye-opening. […]

Muslim Lies About Female Genital Mutilation

Fellow Kaffirs, Talk about a ‘war on women!’ Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a horrible thing for a woman or young girl to go through. BUT, the liberals keep supporting and licking the boots of the people who advocate for this horrific practice. Watch and pass on to your friends – Burkasrulgy Until next time, […]

Women's Rights Under Islam

Fellow infidels, One of the biggest lies told by Muslim men is that they treat their women “like jewels.” Are the following “rights” to be envied and celebrated? Constantine explores this subject – Burkasrugly 1. You have the right to be encased in a 15 pound canvass coffin otherwise known as a burka, never again […]

Muslim Immigration Increases Child Abuse (Graphic video)

Fellow infidels, According to the UK version of the International Business Times, it was announced this week that the first prosecutions over cases of female genital mutilation were about to take place in the UK. The government has announced a concerted drive to tackle the phenomenon, which is becoming more prevalent in Britain. FGM is used by […]

Who Are The Real Hatemongers?

Fellow infidels, Constantine has included some information about ACT! for America that you may not have thought about – Burkasrugly Do you know how large Act for America is? Do you know how many chapters we have scattered across this great land we call America? We have in excess of 300,000 members. We have over […]

Islam: The Religion Of Atrocity

For the umpteenth time, the word Islam does not mean peace! Clinton, Bush and Obama, not withstanding, Islam means submission. Submission means subordination, a nicer word for abject slavery. It would be far more accurate to say Islam means war, torture, slavery, abuse, murder and barbarism. Conciseness dictates that Islam is a religion of atrocity. […]