ISIS Gets Its Ideology From Islam And The Koran

Fellow Kafirs, Don’t let any of your Leftist friends try to pull the wool over your eyes and tell you that ISIS has ‘hijacked’ Islam. Poppycock! There is no stinkin’ hijacking going on here except for the hijacking of common sense and the facts! Watch David Wood from Acts17Apologetics and learn – Burkasrugly Please send […]

Islam Alone Is To Blame For Boston Marathon Bombing

Fellow infidels, Liberal/progressives are wringing their hands, trying to find a reason for the bloody Boston Marathon bombing.  Readers of this blog already know the answer: Islam.  If you have liberal/progressive friends who are still clueless….why don’t you send them this blog?  David Wood of Apologetics 17 explains in a way that even a 4-year-old […]