Bankrupt Professors And Pastors

Fellow kaffirs, We haven’t posted a video from Dr. Bill Warner in quite a while, so we thought it would be a treat to do so. Dr. Warner is very perceptive and when he says that many college professors and pastors are bankrupt he is right on the money.  He has an interesting message in […]

Jihad vs Crusades

Fellow Kafirs, This is getting very old and tiresome…we have to constantly point out the truth…the truth that the liberals and academic types try to hide…that the Crusades were a RESPONSE to Islamic jihad, not the other way around.  Please….post this video on your Facebook and other social media and encourage your politically correct friends […]

Dr. Bill Warner: Clergy Woefully Uninformed about Islam

Fellow infidels, Dr. Bill Warner is a walking, talking encyclopedia in regards to his knowledge of Islam. He has studied the Trilogy texts (Koran, Sira, and Hadith) for many years and has written and lectured extensively about this subject.  Burkasrugly recent had the chance to interview Dr. Warner and get his thoughts on Political Islam – Burkasrugly He has […]