Never Forget: Boston Marathon Bombing

Fellow infidels, Never, ever, ever forget what two Muslims did to our brothers and sisters in Boston a year ago today.  Judge Jeanine did one of the best monologues about the incident we have ever seen.  Take a look…and don’t forget what they did to us: Until next time, Burkasrugly

When You Invite Muslims Into Your Camp, Don't Complain About Being Destroyed

Fellow infidels, Fishin’ Guy is back from a long fishing trip and has just dispatched the following blog – Burkasrugly While Americans are focused on our southern border in the immigration debate, the Obama administration, with the help of RINO Republicans, is considering taking in thousands of Syrian refugees. It has happened before.  Hundreds of […]

Islam Alone Is To Blame For Boston Marathon Bombing

Fellow infidels, Liberal/progressives are wringing their hands, trying to find a reason for the bloody Boston Marathon bombing.  Readers of this blog already know the answer: Islam.  If you have liberal/progressive friends who are still clueless….why don’t you send them this blog?  David Wood of Apologetics 17 explains in a way that even a 4-year-old […]