CAIR Whines About TV Show 'Tyrant' (Video)

Fellow infidels, CAIR whined about the TV show ‘Tyrant,’ but it didn’t do any good. The panel on ‘The Five’ on Fox News discussed CAIR’s latest attempt to get a truthful depiction of the Arab/Muslim world taken off of TV. Listen to what Bob Beckel says: Until next time, Burkasrugly

Bob Beckel Debates Muslim Upset By Egg Hunt Invitation

Fellow infidels, Last night on Hannity, Bob Beckel and Hannity debated the Muslim man who objected to flyers his children received at school inviting them to an Easter Egg hunt.  Watch the segment below: Beckel  was  dead-on right when he said this: “I think the kind of passion this gentleman has that he directs at the […]

Fatwa This! Liberal Bob Beckel Says No More Mosques

Fellow infidels, Usually I want to pop Beckel’s suspenders when he spouts off liberal nonsense.  But what he has been saying lately about Islam makes tons of sense. Just a few weeks ago, he said this: I think we really have to consider given the fact that so many people hate us that we’re going […]

Prominent Liberal Wants Muslim Student Program Suspended

Fellow infidels, Watch for far-left liberal analyst Bob Beckel to be thrown under the bus now by other liberals. The reason is that he made the very obvious argument last night that we should cut off Muslim students from being allowed into to the United States. He is on O’Reilly tonight defending his position, and […]