Citizen Concerned That Arkansas State University Catering To Muslim Student Group

Fellow Kafirs, The following appeared as a letter to the editor recently in the Jonesboro Sun in response to a story about ASU forming a “campus climate council.”  No, this is not about global warming, but about the political climate on campus.  – Burkasrugly In a story in Friday’s edition of The Jonesboro Sun, ASU […]

Memphis Imam Spews Jew Hatred

Fellow infidels, And this man , Yasir Qadhi, spoke to the Muslim Student Association at ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY in the spring of 2012. Apparently, the administration did not know he has advocated replacing American democracy with Islamic rule, according to AtlasShrugs. He spoke of how wonderful women are treated in Islam (what was he smoking?) […]

The Christian-Israeli Brotherhood

Fellow infidels, Last Friday night, April 19, 2013, Nettleton Baptist Church hosted the second annual Arkansas State University Christians United for Israel “Night to Honor Israel.”  Guest speaker was ACT! for America member and former State Representative Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro.  Mr. Hubbard graciously allowed us to reprint his speech below, so in case you […]

Arkansas State University Hosts Citizens United For Israel

Fellow infidels, It is great to hear the local university, Arkansas State University, has a new registered student organization, Citizens United For Israel (CUFI).   Check out this short video from the CUFI website: An article was written by ASU student William Kazyak and published in the school’s newspaper “The Herald.”  You can read the article here but I […]

Muslims Fail To Silence Nonie Darwish At Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels, Even in a small Southern college town in the middle of the Bible Belt, the  Muslim Student Association, which has reportedly had some ties to terrorists, is trying to exert its influence – Burkasrugly   The Muslim Student Association, using its usual scare tactics, failed to stop anti-sharia speaker Nonie Darwish last Tuesday night, October 11, […]

Arkansas State Muslim Student Association Proselytizing

 Fellow Infidels, Here is an update on the activities of the Muslim Student Association at Arkansas State University.   With the start of the new year, the MSA is again proselytizing to ASU students, hoping to gather more converts from the large crop of clueless, impressionable students. Apparently, they have two different sessions going – one is […]

Muslim Student Association Raising A Radical Army?

 Fellow Infidels, What is the Muslim Student Association up to these days?  An anonymous informant for Atlasshrugs who attended the recent MSA Western Conference in California says they are “raising an army.”  Be sure to check out the poster from the conference. The MSA, which has a chapter at Arkansas State University, is rabidly anti-Semitic according […]

Muslim Student Association Conference Exposes Radicals

Fellow Infidels, The recent Muslim Student Association western conference at UCLA confirmed what we already knew – that the MSA is a radical and dangerous organization. Pajamas Media did a terrific job exposing the group’s terrorist problem.  In a post on Atlas Shrugs, one of many informants who infiltrated the meeting calling himself “Hogrider,” reported some disturbing things that were said during this conference. […]

Muslim Group With Radical Ties Active On Campus Of Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels, Despite the rhetoric of far-left commentators, the vast majority of Americans are extremely tolerant and respectful of other cultures.  Tolerance ceases to become a viable option, though, when  Americans are faced with groups who promote Islamic terrorism and an anti-American agenda.  Tolerance does not require citizens to aid in their own demise, nor the […]

Update on ASU's Muslim Student Association

Fellow infidels, The Arkansas State University Muslim Student Association has taken down the flyer from their website regarding the first lecture in their “Come Home…To Islam” series, but the ASU Daily Digest still has the announcement posted.  Apparently, MSA does not want to draw too much attention to themselves as they know they are in “bitter clinger” […]