Britain First Marks 1st Anniversary Of Lee Rigby Beheading

Fellow infidels, It is so refreshing to see that some real British patriots are finally standing up and defending Great Britain.  Members of Britain First marched in memory of Lee Rigsby, who was nearly beheaded just over a year ago by Muslims in the middle of the day in London. Watch as they march to […]

Christian Patrols To Stop Muslim Harrassment

Fellow infidels, An ongoing problem in Great Britain has been that British non-Muslims have been being harassed by so-called “Muslim Patrols” that would stop any non-Muslim  (in Muslim areas like Tower Hamlets) who had alcohol or weren’t dressed appropriately (Muslim style…like a burka), or if a man and woman were holding hands, and other nonsensical reasons. The British […]

Knighthood For British Welfare Imam?

Fellow infidels, Don’t laugh….the mentally challenged leftist politically correct nincompoops in Great Britian would probably give this guy a knighthood.  Oh, how Great Britian has fallen. The sun used to never set on the British Empire. They already give this able-bodied jihad supporter tons of welfare that is paid for by hard-working Brits. Like a subsidy […]

Muslim Cleric Wants To Force Non Muslim Women To Wear Burka

Fellow infidels, This is not a new story, but it needs to be revisited. Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who is living off infidel welfare payments in Great Britain, has a dream.  His dream is to have an Islamic state in Great Britian.  Of course, he says that in his Muslim utopia, both Muslim women as well […]

Anjem Choudary, Jack-Ass Of Great Britain

Fellow infidels, Aside from being very dangerous, this spawn of Satan is a buffoon.  Even the Islamic imam and the muslima in this clip are clearly embarrassed by him. After all, he is not playing the taqqyia game well enough…he is telling infidels how he REALLY feels.  He refuses to condemn the beheading of Lee […]

Lazy Muslims Instructed To Live Off Infidel Welfare

Fellow infidels, There is no work ethic in Islam.  This is why Muslim leaders are continually trying to find a country or culture to sponge off of because, as all parasites do, they eventually suck their host country dry.   They are simply following the dictates of the ‘perfect man, Mohammed.’ According to Islamic hate preacher […]

Muslic Cleric Says Jesus Would Implement Sharia Law

Fellow Infidels, Our “friend” Anjem Choudary should stop running his mouth when he doesn’t have any clue as to what he is talking about.  His ignorant statement that Jesus would come back, break the cross and implement Sharia (Islamic) law is about as ridiculous as it comes. You can watch the video here at MEMRI. He even […]

Muslim Cleric Says Christmas "Pathway To Hell"

Fellow Infidels, Constantine dissects radical Muslim Anjem Choudary’s recent “sermon.”  Burkasrugly The radical British Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary has just declared Christmas “the pathway to Hell.” In a recent Friday sermon he railed against the celebration of Christmas. He also pronounced verboten a tradition that a vast number of Americans cherish. “Many, he said, take part in the festival […]

A Nation Within A Nation

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has some news about Great Britain.  Burkasrugly Anjem (Andy) Choudray, the mad Mullah of Muslims, is up to his old tricks again. Anjem (age 41) is literally papering at least three boroughs of London with bright yellow posters proclaiming them as  “Sharia-Controlled Zones.” The boroughs are Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham. All three […]

Choudary Is Just An Islamic Buffoon

Fellow Infidels, Anjem Choudary, the radical British Muslim who is urging Muslims to march on the White House to demand that Sharia Law be implemented in America, is seen as a joke in Great Britain.  His only redeeming quality, if it can be described as such, is that he keeps the British tabloids supplied with material […]