Sharia And Women

Fellow kafirs,

Please consider the following facts about women and Sharia compiled by Constantine. Women living under Sharia law are doomed – Burkasrugly

According to Linda Sarsour Sharia is the most pro woman ideology on the face of the earth.

How then Ms. Sarsour do you justify the following tenets of Sharia espoused in the Reliance of the Traveller: A Manual of Sacred Islamic law ?

  1. A Caliph (Muslim Male leader) is exempt from charges of murder, adultery, robbery, drinking and rape.
  2. A Caliph must be a Muslim male, not a female, not a slave .
  3. Women are forbidden from becoming a Sharia judge.
  4. Women are forbidden from becoming a mullah or an imam.
  5. The husband has the right to beat wife or wives.
  6. There is no legal age limit for Muslim girls to be married. A marriage contract can be any time after birth.
  7. Consummation of the marriage can take place at 8 or 9.
  8. No woman has the right to divorce her husband.
  9. A man can divorce his wife for any reason. He simply needs to say “I divorce you” three times.
  10. A man is allowed to have sex slaves or temporary marriages without number.
  11. Parents have the right to have female genital mutilation performed on their daughters.
  12. The testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man in a Sharia court.
  13. A woman can only inherit half as much as a man.
  14. In order for rape to be proven a woman must produce 4 male eyewitnesses.
  15. In a divorce the children are automatically awarded to the father.
  16. A Muslim woman cannot marry a Jewish or Christian man.
  17. However a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman and all the children are considered Muslim by birth.
  18. A Muslim man can kill his wife with impunity for the very suspicion of adultery.
  19. Muslim parents can legally kill their children because they have dishonored their family.
  20. Women cover every part of their body except the face area, and some cases even the face must be covered.

Islam and the Sharia Code of Law is the most anti-woman of all the religions systems in the world. So how can any thinking reasonable woman view Sharia as a pro-woman ideology ?

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  1. Everything secular liberals hate about the religious right and the Bible Belt is far more true of Muslims and Islamic countries. Nevertheless, secular liberals make excuses for Muslims, want more of the to be allowed to move to Europe, Canada, and the United States, and side with the Palestinians against Israel.

    I doubt many Western leftists who condemn Israeli treatment of the Palestinians would rather live in an Arab country than in Israel.

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