Prominent Liberal Wants Muslim Student Program Suspended

Fellow infidels,
Watch for far-left liberal analyst Bob Beckel to be thrown under the bus now by other liberals. The reason is that he made the very obvious argument last night that we should cut off Muslim students from being allowed into to the United States. He is on O’Reilly tonight defending his position, and he confirmed that ‘his side’ has been pounding him for his stance on this issue. He also mentioned that 15,000 Muslims who were signed up for college classes in America are not actually attending classes.  Where are these people now?  This is a very serious matter and why our leaders are not looking into this I do not know.  We hope liberals are influenced by Beckel and begin to speak out now.  Islam is not a religion and should not be given the rights and privileges of a religion- Burkasrugly

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  1. Want to know why the liberals and democrats are not following suit on this? I’ll tell you exactly why. Check your representative and senatorial records, and you will find a great many liberal bullshit programs, many of which are AGAINST checking islam, are funded, in part, by entities in Saudi Arabia. Don’t believe me? Check it out. They are. That’s why.

    1. I absolutely believe you. If I have time tonight I am going to post the story that ACT! for America sent out today by e-mail that appeared in USA Today about the radical ties of the Boston mosque where the bombers attended. Maybe, just maybe, the rest of America is waking up. I sure hope so! Thanks for all your comments. We really appreciate them and hope you enjoy the blogs.

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