Muslim Savages Burn Christian Couple Alive While Kids Watch

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Just when we think we have heard it all from the ‘Religion of Peace’ they sink to a new low. The vast majority of horrific violence in the world can be attributed to one group – the Religion of Peace. Read what they have done now – Burkasrugly

From The Daily Mail:

Baby who saw her mother’s body ‘twitch’ as she was burnt alive for blasphemy in Pakistan…and then the mob tried to set HER alight as well

  • 18-month-old girl and her four-year-old sister witnessed murder of parents
  • Their 11-year-old cousin describes seeing bodies ‘twitching in the flames’
  • Christian couple were dragged from their home and accused of blasphemy
  • Locked in office by Muslim mob, savagely beaten, then thrown into a kiln
  • Shama Bibi, 24, was five months pregnant at the time of her brutal murder
  • Husband Shehzad, 26, was killed after begging attackers to spare her
  • Crowd of at least 1,200 gathered chanting religious slogans at the brick kiln

    Christian couple Shama Bibi (left) and Shehzad Masih, who were murdered in Pakistan after a mob accused them of desecrating a copy of the Koran
    Christian couple Shama Bibi (left) and Shehzad Masih, who were murdered in Pakistan after a mob accused them of desecrating a copy of the Koran

A four-year-old girl and her 18-month-old sister were forced to watch their pregnant Christian mother ‘twitch’ in the flames when a Muslim mob burnt her and her husband alive after accusing them of blasphemy (But if we criticize this Satanic act WE are called ‘Islamaphobes’ and hate-mongers).
Sonia Rami and her baby sister Ponam witnessed their parents being tortured by members of a 1,200-strong crowd, who then turned on the younger girl and tried to set her alight as well.
Chanting ‘God is great’, huge numbers gathered to watch the sickening murder, which took place in Chak 59 – a village situated in Kasur district, 60 kilometers from Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore.
Their cousin Muhammad Faryad, 11, described how he watched his aunt Shama Bibi’s body twitch in the flames after she and husband Shehzad Masih were dragged from their homes, savagely beaten, then burnt to death on a brick-kiln.
Describing the beating of his pregnant aunt, Muhammad said: ‘I saw a young man with small beard who was wearing white clothes and a white cap and other man wearing blue clothes. They were both leading the assault. The man in white hit her belly with his axe. There was blood.’
‘People were very angry; they were shouting that they would teach a lesson to the blasphemer Christians (Just at the mere rumor that non-Muslims have done something to insult their prophet, they go ape-crap crazy). The majority of them were young people carrying spades, hatchets and clubs in their hands.
‘They broke the lock and started hitting the iron door of the office [where the couple were locked] madly. It was so frightening, my aunt and uncle were screaming so high that we could hear them among the roars of such a huge crowd. They tried for a few minutes but could not break the iron door of the office.

To read more and see more photos click HERE.

May God watch over the precious children of the couple who will be scarred for life after witnessing this horrific event.  May God have mercy on the Muslims who did this horrific act.  They are people who have been led astray  by Satan (aka Mohammed) and his henchmen (imams and mulah’s) and do not know the joy and the peace of the one true God.  All their ‘religion’ teaches them is hate, violence, and ignorance.  Why would ANYONE want to defend this crap as a ‘religion’?

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