Liberal Filmaker Discovers The Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels,
Liberal filmmaker Eric Allen Bell has been banned from blogging at the Daily Kos because he began to tell the truth about Islam….not just the liberal line.  He was making a documentary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee about the recent mosque controversy.  In a piece on titled  “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” Bell said he thought at first that the people who were protesting the mosque were totally wrong.  He made a 25-minute sample version of his documentary to show to potential financial backers.  At first the documentary leaned more in favor of the mosque supporters. However, things began to not make sense for him.  Even though he noted that the mosque protesters were not the best at expressing themselves, he began to consider their point of view and investigated it for himself instead of automatically dismissing their concerns . As he became more aware of the facts, he said in the article:

I mentioned the popular Islamophobia watchdog site “Loonwatch” and how I had noticed a pattern of deflection all criticisms of radical and violent Islam by calling anyone who publicly raises these concerns a “Loon” and how I felt this was an intentional effort to provide a smoke screen for the terrorists.  I also noted that everything Loonwatch said was in lockstep with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and now CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation – the largest Islamic charity at one time, which was found to be funneling monies to Islamic terrorist organizations.  I also noted that CAIR had ties to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and that Al Qeada had come out of the Muslim Brotherhood.  I expressed my concerns that the Egyptian Imam of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro might have ties to the MB, something I had failed to properly investigate.  But since CAIR had the support of Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman’s show, Democracy Now, I was told that I had my facts all wrong.

So, even though Bell has written tons of liberal blogs, (even a few for Michael Moore) and has established his “liberal street cred” they threw him under the bus because he DARED go of the liberal plantation.   Pardon me, but aren’t liberals supposed to be “tolerant” of others?  That must only be for those who agree with them.

One of the articles that gained him disfavor with the hierarchy of the liberal world was a piece entitled “How and Why Loonwatch is a Terrorist Spin Control Network”.  He said  these types of websites are like “wolves in sheep’s clothing calling themselves ‘Islamophobia Watchdog sites’ and their first line of defense, that being a blogosphere of liberal lemming infidels who are pre-programmed to blurt out the word ‘Islamophobe’ on cue.”

Wow, we’re sure that got them mad.

The Daily Kos had had enough when he wrote his next article that did not use their pre-approved liberal template.  Read what he had to say about this:

Given the incredible density of the popular Liberal mind, how the readers of my articles were unable to see how the beliefs of Islam were in direct conflict with human rights, gay rights, women’s rights and basic Democratic Values, I wrote a final piece called, “Are You In Favor of Human Rights?” and that one of course got me banned from Daily Kos.

And of course, we wanted to know Bell’s thoughts on Islam, and this is what he said in the article:

Where do I stand on Islam?  Let’s look at its founder – a man who raped a 9 year old girl, a slave owner, a leader who ordered people to be tortured, for adulterers to be stoned, for countless nonbelievers to be beheaded, a killer, a warmonger who spread his “religion of peace” by the sword, a man who suffered from hallucinations of voices telling him to do violent things, a tyrant, a homicidal maniac perhaps the equivalent of 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens.  And this sadistic lunatic is considered to be the “ideal man” in Islam.  What more needs to be said about Islam than that?

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