Liam Neeson Considering Conversion To Islam

Fellow infidels,
Some people will fall for anything. Here is another reason that Hollywood is losing its audience…their stars keep saying and doing weird and stupid things. So, Liam, will you do your duty and perform jihad? Will you take a new 9-year-old bride?  So long to your career Liam. Check out this excerpt from a story in The Sun:

The Sun, a tabloid in the United Kingdom, quotes the actor, 59, as saying:

“The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.”

You can read the entire story here at The Blaze.  Be sure to read the very interesting comments.  Obviously, Liam is not popular right now.

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  1. How sad. No matter a person’s path of faith, or lack of it, there are always a time or times, that something occurs that could bring a person to wonder, perhaps even question. No one is exempt, regardless of what they may say in public. The question is, do the person throw the faith away, or seek to understand, thereby, perhaps, becoming stronger for it. Each of us must decide this, and only we, can answer it. However, to harbor thoughts of leaving one religion for another, especially the horrid lie of Islam, is not only unhealthy, but foolish, as well. It is my hope that Mr. Neeson will come to his senses before doing anything rash. His soul may well depend on it, not to mention his mental health.

  2. I was hoping to find if Liam had his own personal web-site(some celebs do have them!)because,I would have personally sent him an e-mail imploring him not to become a “MUSLIM”…hello world…my name is KDK and I am white american male(born and raised in the deep south)who once practised the faith of mohammed for six years!!!Why did I do it?For love(I met an arab woman from north africa)and like many of these “Kooky” liberal celebtards that champion all alternative view points and causes,I had a rosy/dosy picture of this so-called religion that came from the middle east(this was back in 1998..uh a couple years before 9/11 of course!)and I thought oh how hip!Oh how different and distinctive I’m going to be by bowing my head five times a day towards mecca blah,blah,blah.Fortunately,with the due course of time I started to see the madness and atrocities that people of this faith bring to the non-muslim world also I would mention that my brief three year marriage to my north african wife(she turned out to be a green card seeker and nothing more!)I became quite disenchanted with the belief as well as the severe extreism that comes along with the faith itself!!!I’ve seen the movie taken(good film in my opinion!)and I can also add that I’ve been to istanbul myself(I was there back in 2000 while visiting with a turkish friend etc.Liam needs to take into consideration what muslim turks have done in the past!Uh….. let’s go back about a century ago(1912)and mention the million or more armenians that were finished off by the hands of muslim turks and the kicking out of the greek community that took place with a series of viloent riots in the heart of istanbul during the 50’s.Oh Liam!,learn a little history and open your eyes!!!All these hospitable turks that smile in your face hate christianity and many of them who live in the rural areas reject western culture to boot!My turkish friend that I went with to visit istanbul back in 2000 discovered a bibble(a co-worker at my place of employment gave to me as a gift etc)on the back seat of my car and he said…”What the hell is that book doing here in your car?”and I of course told him that this was a gift from a co-worker and I was reading it from time to time.He nonetheless took that bible that was laying on the back seat of my car and carried it to a trash can that was located at the entrance of a “Best Buys”and thus chucked it inside the trash can telling me that I had no business reading it due to the fact that it was according to him…”a book of lies and falsehood etc”and I should read only the koran due to the fact that I converted to islam.If he is an example of how tolerant a muslim should be towards non-muslims then this world is in great trouble!!!I left and my sincere hope is that a whole new wave of enlighted people in the islamic world will do the same also!!!

    1. Good for you! We hope that you keep speaking out and following our blog. Do you have an ACT! for America chapter in your town or near you? If you do, consider visiting. If not, please consider starting one. You really need to tell your story! God Bless you! Burkasrugly

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