How Old Is Old Enough ?

Fellow infidels,

It seems like religious fanatics often have one thing in common – deviant sexual desires.  Take, for instance the infamous Warren Jeffs, the disgraced leader of a radical sect of Mormons who practice polygamy.  Jeffs, who calls himself a ‘prophet’ (oh boy, where have we heard this before), is a sexual pervert who lusted after little girls. Yep, that is the only way to say it.  Jeffs and Mohammed have this in common. This maniac, Mohammed, did things that, if he did them in America and other Western (sane) countries today, would land him some serious prison time.  And the other inmates would not be too kind to this monster because many hardened criminals do not agree with harming a child.  And make no mistake, this idea of ‘marrying’ a small child who has no concept whatsoever of what marriage entails, is straight from the pit of Hell.  The Scarlet Pimpernel elaborates further on this issue – Burkasrugly

Every civilized nation regulates the proper age for marriage. Islamic nations which in my opinion are never civilized, do not. These savage and barbaric states think it is permissible for old men to marry young (very young) girls. Mohammed at age 51 married his favorite wife Aisha aged 6. She was so young she played with her dolls while Mohammed played with her (If you catch my drift.). We think the kindly Mohammed waited till she was 8 or 9 before he had penetrative sex with her. All this fascination with prepubescent female girls can be traced directly back to Mohammed, the perfect, sinless man. Everything Mohammed endorsed by his actions gave approval to numerous generations of dirty old Muslim men who followed in his footsteps.

If Mohammed was alive today in America he would be serving 30 years to life for his pedophilia in some prison. Still think Sharia is harmless ? How would you as a dhimmi father or mother feel if some 60 year Muslim fanatic demanded the hand of your six-year-old girl in marriage. Would you give her up to some depraved Islamic monster who was only following the example of Mohammed, the perfect man ? Sharia is harmless ? What a crock of porcine scatalogy. Sharia is deadly (quite literally) to all females whether Muslim or infidels.

Recently Ahmad al-Mubi an Islamic cleric from Saudi Arabia discussed this question on Lebanese television. I directly quote al-Mubi. “There is no minimal age for entering marriage. You can have a marriage contract even with a 1-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of 9, 7 or 8” He goes on to state that of course you should not have sex with a baby. You should wait till she grows up. Say the ripe old age of six, or seven, or maybe even eight years old.

How old is old enough for a Muslim girl to be married ? Well apparently just one year old. Throughout the Islamic world there is a steady procession of very young girls who have had their reproductive organs permanently damaged by forced sex with adult men who are acting out their fantasy of being just like their hero Mohammed.

I think all of you dirty old Muslim men are simply a bunch of scumbag, slimy reptiles.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S. Oops, I didn’t mean to insult you real snakes. Mr. Mubi, being a snake would elevate your position in life. Sorry, old boy, you are a pure cretin.

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