Governor Hutchinson: Sharia Law Protections "Unnecessary"

Fellow kafirs,

The following letter to the editor recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun. (Documentation is included at the end of the letter). Note that one of the things that the writer points out is that Governor Asa Hutchinson thinks that Arkansas does not need protection from Sharia law. Really?   He needs to wake up! In the US 146 cases in 32 states have been documented in which a party to litigation attempted to have the matter resolved by applying Shariah, rather than the statutes of the state in question.   Please pass this blog on to anyone who needs to be educated about this matter. Burkasrugly

While the national GOP is moving to the right with Trump, GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson is moving Arkansas GOP to the left. The latest good gun rights bill, HB1249, that Governor Hutchinson is trying to kill by a hostile amendment, was originally supported by the NRA. But Senator Jeremy Hutchinson, the governor’s nephew, proposed a hostile amendment that required at least 16 hours of additional active shooter training, as well as numerous added restrictions. NRA is now asking Arkansans to “Urge Your Lawmakers to Fix Flawed Campus carry Bill,” HB1249

Governor Hutchinson is also sending warnings about another conservative bill filed last week addressing “gender identity and bathroom privileges” which a lawmaker said would require people to use public restrooms consistent with the gender on their birth certificates. According to Talk Business, Hutchinson is warning that “such a measure isn’t needed and could subject the state to widespread backlash and boycotts.”

Recently, the Arkansas Times, that bastion of liberalism, gleefully reported Governor Hutchinson’s quotes in their article entitled, “Governor says bills targeting Sharia law and ‘sanctuary campuses’ are unnecessary.” That article was written in regard to HB1041 and HB1042 and included quotes by the Governor that supported their statement.

The governor’s two nephews, Senators Jeremy Hutchinson and Jim Hendren, are great assets for accomplishing the governor’s agenda. Most of the time, noting the way these nephews vote indicates whether the governor is for a bill or opposed to it.

No wonder Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College survey says our governor is polling well among Democrats.


1.  HB1249 history: listing amendments lst paragraph

2. Link to NRA message to Arkansas voters: and a description of the amendments, etc.   lst paragraph

3. Link to AP DeMillo article on the bathroom bill Jonesboro Sun Feb. 20, 2017 A-4 Andrew DeMillo “‘Bathroom bill’ could upend Arkansas session” No link but it might be in the archives later, but it is not there yet. 2nd paragraph.

4.  Link to Arkansas Times article “Governor says bills targeting Sharia law and ‘sanctuary campuses’ are unnecessary.”  Last paragraph

5. Link to Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College survey saying Hutchinson is polling well with Democrats:  “Poll: Trump popularity unchanged with Arkansas voters, Hutchinson job approval solid”

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