Muslim Child Rapist/Murderer Released After Three Months

Fellow infidels, Why do liberals continue to defend Islam when it constantly spits out subhuman creatures like this? I want ONE liberal or Muslim to try to justify this.  You can NOT. And this man was a “man of God.”   Bringing them into our country like Obama is doing will NOT make our country better.  These people […]

Saudi Women Tracked Like Dogs

Fellow infidels, Oh, the joys of being a woman in Saudi Arabia!  They have the privilege of wearing those lovely cloth coffins that are so stifling in the desert heat.  They get to be beaten by their husbands….you remember…those guys that claim that they treat their women LIKE JEWELS.  Um, hmmm. Now, according to an […]

Saudi Women Sue Government For Right To Drive

Fellow infidels, It may sound ridiculous, but in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive.  These two women are suing the government because they say that there are no laws banning them from driving. Check out the story here at Jihad Watch. Of course there aren’t any laws banning women driving in Saudi Arabia.  However, the […]