The A-Team Of Islamic Terrorism

Fellow infidels, Another excellent blog by Constantine – Burkasrugly. What is the most effective Islamic terrorist organization in the world ? Most Americans would answer Al-Qaeda. How quickly we forget that prior to 9-11 the most deadly attack on Americans occurred on October 23, 1983 in Beirut. In that attack 241 Marine and sailors were […]

Americans Know Ft. Hood Was A Terrorist Attack

Fellow infidels, Despite the Defense Department declaring Fort Hood as “workplace violence” Americans know the truth.  Major Nidal Hasan was  a “Soldier of Allah” who performed his “sacred” act of jihad on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. Liberals, you can thank your precious Bill Clinton for the soldiers being unarmed.  Otherwise, Hasan may have been stopped […]

Obama Makes Americans Slaves To Mideastern Oil

Fellow infidels, Obama’s monumentally stupid decision to put a stop to the Keystone Pipeline will make Americans slaves to Middle Eastern oil sheiks and radical Muslim terrorists.  This just goes to show the American people that Obama makes decisions based on how it will help him in his political career – not by what is good […]

Rick Santorum Calls Out Obama On Radical Islam

Fellow infidels, We love the fact that Rick Santorum spoke the truth at the debate in New Hampshire last night…he stated that radical Islam is a threat to our country.  He also pointed out that Obama has sanitized all documents relating to the war so that they no longer include the words “radical Islam.”  Watch […]

Gingrich Says He Will Ask Bolton To Be Secretary Of State

Fellow Infidels, Newt Gingrich was met with a loud round of applause when he announced today that if elected  president of the United States, he will ask former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to be Secretary of State.  The video below shows Gingrich making the announcement for the second time today at a gathering of the […]

Fearless Rep. Peter King Holds Hearings On Islamic Radicalism In The Military

Fellow Infidels, Representative Peter King had his fourth hearing on Islamic radicalism today.  Today’s hearing was focused on radicalism in the U.S. military. King recored a preview about the hearing: Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch wrote a piece about Rep. King’s hearing today and you can read it here.  Spencer is correct to point […]


Fellow Infidels, Constantine is very upset about the Obama administration’s decision to engage in discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood.  You should be too… Burkasrugly A few days ago the Obama administration announced that our State Department would engage in limited discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is even a photo of Obama holding the Muslim […]

Robert Spencer On Islam, "Shark Of Human Cultures"

Fellow Infidels, This is the second installment of the report on Robert Spencer’s speech to the Memphis ACT! for America chapter on June 15th. Instead of shunning this man, one day some of our so-called leaders will be turning to him for advice when they realize that he was right and they were wrong. Hopefully that day will be […]

Jihad Is A Two-Way Street

Fellow Infidels, Jihadists think they are big and bad and there is no way to stop them.  This is part of their psychological jihad.  They haven’t met Wild Bill for America or the millions of Americans who refuse to put up with their 7th century crap.  Watch this short, but inspiring video clip from YouTube by Wild […]

I Read Your Book

Fellow Infidels, Constantine points out the value of knowing the enemy. There is a great scene in the movie “Patton” where George Patton wins his first victory over the German General Rommel. Patton  states, “Rommel, you magnificent bas#!@*, I read your book.” In war  you must spend tremendous effort and time knowing your enemy. The […]