Never Forget: Boston Marathon Bombing

Fellow infidels, Never, ever, ever forget what two Muslims did to our brothers and sisters in Boston a year ago today.  Judge Jeanine did one of the best monologues about the incident we have ever seen.  Take a look…and don’t forget what they did to us: Until next time, Burkasrugly

'The Muslim Agenda' Full Movie (Disturbing Video)

Fellow infidels, NBT Films presents ‘The Muslim Agenda’, a movie which exposes the shocking truth about Islam, its incompatibility with western ideals and it’s cult-like ideology. The contents of the film exposes the evil verses and teachings taken directly from the Quran and Hadiths and demonstrates its sick doctrine of hate, gender inequality, intolerance of homosexuals, anti-Semitism, […]

Americans Know Ft. Hood Was A Terrorist Attack

Fellow infidels, Despite the Defense Department declaring Fort Hood as “workplace violence” Americans know the truth.  Major Nidal Hasan was  a “Soldier of Allah” who performed his “sacred” act of jihad on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. Liberals, you can thank your precious Bill Clinton for the soldiers being unarmed.  Otherwise, Hasan may have been stopped […]

Charity, Islamic Style

Fellow infidels, It is a very busy day here at ACT! Jonesboro blog.  The Scarlet Pimpernel exposes the fallacy of Islamic “charity” or Zakat –   Burkasrugly One of the Five Pillars of Islam is the practice of Zakat. Zakat is an Arabic term best translated as charity. It is an annual 2.50% assessment of […]

Fearless Rep. Peter King Holds Hearings On Islamic Radicalism In The Military

Fellow Infidels, Representative Peter King had his fourth hearing on Islamic radicalism today.  Today’s hearing was focused on radicalism in the U.S. military. King recored a preview about the hearing: Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch wrote a piece about Rep. King’s hearing today and you can read it here.  Spencer is correct to point […]

Dr. Bill Warner Addresses Jonesboro, AR ACT! for America

Fellow Infidels, Dr. Bill Warner was the guest speaker for the Jonesboro, Arkansas chapter of ACT! for America last night (June 21, 2011).  He also was on the Paul Harrell radio show for the entire two hours.  This is Part 1 of the report on his presentation.   Burkasrugly Dr. Warner has been a university professor, […]

Robert Spencer On Islam, "Shark Of Human Cultures"

Fellow Infidels, This is the second installment of the report on Robert Spencer’s speech to the Memphis ACT! for America chapter on June 15th. Instead of shunning this man, one day some of our so-called leaders will be turning to him for advice when they realize that he was right and they were wrong. Hopefully that day will be […]