Sharia And The Constitution

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor appeared recently in the Jonesboro Sun. It was written by Robert Norvell, ACT for America chapter leader Jonesboro, AR – Burkasrugly The United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights is based firmly on the bedrock premise that all people are equal under the law. And thus […]

Muslim Immigration Making Sweden A Third World Country

Fellow infidels, Goodbye Sweden! Thanks to the  multicultural nonsense that your liberal do-gooders have implemented (in which you have welcome savages from Third World countries into your country), the UN says you will be a Third World country yourself in 15 short years!  Congratulations! Most are Muslims from poor countries and they are uneducated (except in 7th […]

Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Party Makes Huge Gains

Fellow infidels, This is a positive development. Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for Europe.  According to Bare Naked Islam, polls suggest the Freedom Party  will become the largest Dutch party in the European assembly in elections in May. Mr Wilders was visibly buoyed by the results and was characteristically combative saying this was the […]

Brave German Woman Rebukes Islam's Lie

Fellow infidels, This German woman actually stood up in an “interfaith” service in church and said “Jesus Christ is Lord of Germany” and “I break this curse.”  This woman deserves a medal for her bravery at standing up to Muslim supremacy. The other sheeple in the audience are lulled into multicultural la la land because […]

Florida Student Brutally Beaten By Muslim Gang

Fellow infidels, Don’t say that we did not warn you…Muslims do not integrate into countries and cultures that are different from their own. Rather, they create Muslim enclaves…no-go zones if you will, in that they seek to impose Sharia law. And non-Muslims are expected to abide by Sharia law too if they dare enter these […]

Christian Student Bullied For Refusing To Convert To Islam

Fellow infidels, This is America’s future if we do not do something to stop this Muslim assault on our culture, freedom, and way of life.  This happened in Switzerland….according to Bare Naked Islam: Peter is a sixth grade pupil who always enjoyed school until a Muslim classmate began making his life miserable. Ali (name changed) […]

Swiss Parliment Member: Limit Muslim Immigration(video)

Fellow infidels, Wow!  I want this guy in our Congress!  Bare Naked Islam is reporting on this story titled “SWITZERLAND joins Norway and Denmark in trying to reduce its Muslim immigration problem.”  We don’t have the problem with Muslim immigration that Europe does, but it is only a matter of time.  As the guy points […]

Prince Charles: Radical Muslims Persecuting Christians

Fellow infidels, It may be too little, too late, but Prince Charles has finally acknowledged that Christians are being persecuted by Muslims.   Well, duh Your Royal Highness!  We could have told you a long time ago.  Megan Kelley reported on this tonight. According to BBC News online, the prince, accompanied by Prince Ghazi of […]

Horrific Muslim Attacks Awakening Sleeping Christian Giant

Fellow infidels, Many of you might know that former Palestinian terrorist turned evangelical Christian Walid Shoebat is a fierce critic of Muslim persecution of Christians, but did you know he also has a son that is just as vocal?  His name is Theodore Shoebat and in the video clip below he gives us some hope […]

Swedes Allow Illegal Muslim Immigrants To Rape Citizens

Fellow infidels, Disgusting. Due to the high probability of rape by Muslim immigrants in their country, Swedish women are coloring their hair black instead of leaving it naturally blonde.  Instead of defending the native citizens I suppose the Swedish government will start telling the women to wear head coverings. That would mean they were submitting to […]