ACT! For America President Condemns Political Correctness

Fellow infidels,

ACT! for America President Brigitte Gabriel was on Hannity recently talking about the Boston Marathon bombers.  Hannity was frustrated at how the CIA, FBI, and Russia warned the United States about these guys, but yet not one thing was done about it. Brigitte  has been fighting not only Islamic jihad for some time, but its biggest enabler, political correctness.  She has personal experience with Muslims taking over her home country – Lebanon – which was at one time a beautiful Christian country.  She is, and has been for some time, trying to warn Americans of the danger of Islamic jihad.  Check out the video below:

Hannity correctly points out that the U.S. has an unwillingness to identify the Islamic jihadists simply because of political correctness. Brigitte called it “willful blindness” and pointed out that the U.S. has become “the mockery of the Islamic world” and that they laugh at us because we are “choosing our blindness and burying our heads in the sand.”  She is so right about this.  Michael Ghouse, the other guest, is a “moderate” Muslim, but yet if you watch you can detect a little denial and defensiveness in his speech.  He must know in his heart of hearts that the heinous crimes committed by Muslims against humanity is totally wrong.

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