A Simple One Word Explanation

There are a myriad explanations set forth by a myriad of commentators as why the radicalization of the Brothers Tsarnaevas occurred. Theories run the gamut from the simple to the absurdly complex. Obviously, these two had a Jihad Mom and a Jihad Auntie, as Michelle Malkin claimed. But the One Word explanation is the most adequate. And that One Word is:


In Islam the prophet Mohammed is viewed as the perfect man. His every action is to be emulated by every true Muslim. Every action of Mohammed has already received the approbation of Allah. Thus if Mohammed kills an apostate it is permissible, indeed required, of all other Muslims that they also kill those who have abandoned the Islamic faith. Mohammed either led or planned over 70 battles in his life time.

So now it is incumbent on all Muslims to follow Mohammed in the path of Jihad. This is exactly what the Boston Marathon bombers did. This also explains the actions of Abdul Hakim Mohammed in Little Rock and Major Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood. All of them were following in the footsteps of Mohammed the ideal man of Islam.

We find the fullest description of Mohammed when we collectively view the three foundational works of Islam. First, there is the Koran which contains Allah’s perfect revelation to Mohammed. Secondly, there is the Sira or biography of Mohammed. Thirdly, there are the collection of the teachings of Mohammed, known as the Hadiths. The reason Islam is so violent is that the founder of Islam was a violent person to the extreme degree. Mohammed must be purged from Islam. Then, of course, Islam would no longer be Islam.

Islam is at war with the rest of the world. For 1400 years this war has been waged with varying degrees of intensity. The sooner we come to grips with this fact the better. If we continue the approach of the last five years under President Obama we will have to pay an astronomical butcher’s bill in blood.

In hoc signo vinces,


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