A New Poll On American Muslims

Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy released the results of a poll last week on American Muslims that is both mind numbing and terrifying. The Gaffney poll
surveyed 800 Muslims from all 50 states diversified almost equally by gender, and
representative of all ages of adult Muslims.

An astounding 51% of those surveyed preferred Sharia Law to United States Civil law. These people would also like the option of settling legal matters in a Sharia court. Another 33% of Muslims thought the Sharia should be supreme and binding on Muslims AND non-Muslims alike. Furthermore, slightly over 20% of all American Muslims thought violence to establish Sharia as the law of the land in the United States was perfectly acceptable.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has long put forth the exaggerated claim that there are six million Muslims in the USA. Most experts place the Muslim population at three million or about one per cent of the American population, Let’s do some math. Accepting the three million number means slightly more than a million and a half Muslims prefer the Sharia rather than U.S. law. Taking the 33% group means we have a million Muslims who want Sharia elevated over the United States Constitution (Isn’t this
the very definition of treason?).

But there is a even more scary fact out there. Over 20% of American Muslims think that killing, robbing, raping and terrorizing are perfectly good, Allah sanctioned, Mohammed approved, methodologies to bring about the implementation to make Sharia the supreme law of the land. If you multiply three million by 20% you come up with the mind boggling number of 600,000 Muslims willing to practice the violent over throw of the United States government. The total number of people in the American Armed forces is something less than a million. The life of Mohammed is a clear template for world conquest. Houston, we clearly have a problem of epic proportions !

This poll destroys the cherished belief that we have lots of “moderate” Muslims in the United States. No Muslim who wants barbaric Sharia as the supreme law of the land, whether established peacefully or violently, can be considered moderate. Can 1% of the Muslim population force Sharia on the other 99% of the American population? You better believe it ! They can do so if we are too apathetic to care. History is replete with examples of a tiny minority of Muslims taking over many countries. Wake up before our Constitutional liberties are destroyed !

Islam is not a religion. It is a theocratic, supremacist, fascist totalitarian movement that wants to kill everyone that disagrees with its ultimate goal of the master race of all Muslims. The Muslims could and did teach the Nazis a thing or two about a brutal dictatorial system.

In hoc signo vinces,


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  1. Arab has a perfect plan to destroy your nation. They convert your fools and poor to islam l You let them soon local convert are their foots soldiers Indue course They start hating own race and culture and nation. Your nations is lost unless you have laws to curb these converts.

  2. These are terrifying views and alarming figures. We have the second largest population of Muslims, it is time India also undertook a similar study followed by steps to counter threats to its unity and integrity. While I personally feel, and wish, that figures subscribing to similar views may not be as high but considering the ever increasing population wearing over-sized Kurtas and under-sized Pyjamas, one needs to check.

  3. Hindus in India also suffered holocaust just like Jews, for over a thousand years, during which period according to study of Indian history experts estimate much more than 35 million men, women and children were murdered raped and killed. This does not include the massacre of Hindus during partition. This of course was retaliated by Hindus and brethren Sikhs, though Mahatma Gandhi opposed it. I do not blame him, because of his saintly personality. But thinking practically and save and preserve Hindu Dharma, which include Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains and other Nirgrantis and tradition, if there is an impending problem, which will happen, if Hindus continue to sleep and neglect to wake-up, we must awake arise, and remain alert. I hope this will not occur, but knowing Islam as we do “Vigilance is the price of liberty.” Hindus, do not let the history repeat. As against Only two Hindu majority countries and only single Hindu country NEPAL, REMAIN ALERT AND DESTROY THE ENEMY IF BHARAT, i.e. India is attacked by any one and from anywhere. Minions of misplaced secularism of Nehru must be stopped and repulsed if they keep disturbing the peace of India by their selfish and ungrateful attitude. Once having tasted the power it looks like they want to get back at any cost, especially when the mother-son duo possess an enormous amount of money collected and hoarded by corruption and power-brokering.

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