Bestselling Author J.A. Johnstone Visits Jonesboro, AR ACT! for America

Fellow infidels, It was a distinct pleasure to welcome New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.A. Johnstone, husband John, and Senior  Editor Gary Goldstein of Kensington Books to the Jonesboro, AR ACT! for America April meeting. Johnstone and Goldstein were speaking to the group about the new Phoenix Rising series of books that […]

Bill Maher Tells Professor To Tell The Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels, Hell must be freezing over because I agree with Bill Maher tonight!  What I am talking about is a video where Maher is talking to a wacky far-left professor about the recent Boston Marathon bombing.  The professor is doing his best to defend Islam and sweep its violent nature under the rug.  He even […]

Low Tech Jihad

Fellow infidels, The subtitle to this blog by Constantine could be “All infidels are guilty and deserve to die…especially women.” People need to realize that when Muslims say that they are opposed to terrorism against innocent people, they do not mean terrorism against non-Muslims.  That is because in their eyes, only Muslims can be innocent.  […]

Cowboys And Communists

Fellow infidels, Communists and Islam have a lot in common…maybe that is why the Marxists/Communists in America and around the world cover for Islam.  Apparently, these Useful Idiots have given Islam a head start on destroying America.  They have gotten into our schools, the media and  in general have wreaked havoc on our country.  Wild Bill […]

Christian And Jewish Graves Desecrated By Muslim Mob

Fellow infidels, (Hat tip to Darrell for sending us this). Watch the disgusting video below where a Muslim mob desecrate a cemetery in Libya where Jews and Christians were laid to rest. If this happened in the West and Christians and Jews did this to a Muslim graveyard, then all hell would break loose. Muslims would […]

Rumors Of Porky Pig's Death Have Greatly Been Exaggerated

Fellow infidels, Another great article from Laetus Porcus – Burkasrugly On April 29, 2009 the Egyptian government got very excited about the Swine Flu and its potential reign of havoc upon the population.  Egyptian Islamic clerics declared a fatwa (religious ruling) against all the pigs in Egypt.  Prior to this time the Coptic Christians were […]

Devious Religious Fascists Want To Silence Free Speech

Fellow infidels, If you don’t know that we are talking about Islam, then you have been living under a rock.  The Organization of Islamic Conference, or as Pat Condell calls it, the Organization of Islamic Criminals, is hell-bent on pushing through a global blasphemy law.  No way!  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not on our watch!  Islam, […]

Saving Western Civilization

Fellow infidels, If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Bill Warner lecture in person, please do so.  He has studied Islam extensively and he can make seemingly complex material easy to understand.  Constantine recently had a chance to hear Dr. Warner speak at an ACT! for America meeting, and he wanted to share his […]