Sharia Law And The 2nd Amendment

Fellow infidels, Ronald Reagan’s words ring true today as they did in 1964 in his famous “A Time For Choosing” speech.  In it he was speaking of communism, but his words of wisdom can be applied to the Islamic threat today.  He said, “We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced […]

Only Muslims Will Be Allowed To Have Guns?

Fellow infidels, Under the Pact of Umar, an Islamic caliph, only Muslims will be able to own weapons. The current gun grab sure seems to play into our Muslims-sympathizing president’s plans. Wild Bill for America warns that it won’t be the feds knocking down doors and taking away law abiding citizens’ guns.  As he points […]

Curing Liberalism: The 21st Century's Black Plague

Fellow infidels, “Dr.” Wild Bill for America is on a quest to cure liberalism, which is a mental disorder.  And one of the symptoms of this horrendous disease is that the sufferer has a propensity to appease evil instead of face it down and defeat it.  As Bill says, standing against evil requires personal courage, […]

Review Of Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom

Fellow infidels, You will want to rush out and purchase Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom by William W. Johnstone, with J.A. Johnstone after you read this review by Constantine.  It is a fictional story, yet you will find some eerie similarities to today’s political climate….Burkasrugly This is a fictional work based on an Islamic takeover of […]

UN Blasphemy Law Outlaws Sharing Christian Faith

Fellow infidels, One of our occasional bloggers, Fishin’ Guy, is back with a great blog explaining the UN Blasphemy Law, which was pushed by good ole’ Hillary Clinton – Burkasrugly Since the Obama administration tried to blame a third-rate film on the attack on Benghazi, there have been more calls from the Muslim world to […]

Islamic Misogyny And Christian Chivalry

Fellow infidels, Can you believe that Mohammed preached that women were ‘domesticated animals?’  Yep, I can believe it too.  Constantine contrasts the way Mohammed treated women (horribly) with how Jesus treated women (lovingly) – Burkasrugly There are only two world religions that have a founder who the adherents of the respective religions believe are worthy […]

Prince Harry Kills Taliban Leader

Fellow infidels, From everything I have seen, Prince Harry has guts. He doesn’t appear to be a wimpy namby-pamby bleeding heart liberal that dominates Great Britain and Europe, or Eurabia should I say.  He seems to be certainly more of a man than his wimpy father  is according to this story in The Sun.  If […]

Recent Massacres Perpretrated By Liberals, Democrats

Fellow infidels, You can bet your bottom dollar that the liberal media won’t point out THIS little fact….but you can be sure that Wild Bill for America does.  Note that he mentions the political leanings of the Fort Hood shooter  Nidal Hasan – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Militant Muslims Being Smuggled Into The US (Part 4)

Fellow infidels, This is the fourth and final installment of a four-part series of videos about how militant Muslims are being smuggled into the United States.  We dare you to watch and conclude that the US doesn’t need to have its borders tightened or to toughen up its immigration laws – Burkasrugly Until next time, […]