Evil Mainstream Media Demonizes Israel,Supports Sharia

Fellow infidels, Do you find it strange that the mainstream media supports Islamic  caveman ideology (Sharia) that allows women to be stoned to death and gays to be hung, yet they demonize the only civilized country in the region?  Do these Useful Idiots think that they will be spared beheadings because they are loyal to […]

American Liberals, Hamas Love Killing Children

Fellow infidels, The basic ideology of Islam and American liberals is closely related.  Consider this:  They both love to kill innocent children – the American Left revels in the killing of unborn children; Islam loves to kill innocent children with rockets and bombs. Israel does not engage in unprovoked attacks; Hamas does. Israel merely seeks to protect its people. […]

Massive Voter Fraud May Have Helped Democrats Get Elected

Fellow infidels, There seems to have been some “funny business” in our election process this year.  Wild Bill notes that in the election in Florida,  ACT! for America’s friend Allen West’s district had a turnout of 147% of eligible voters.  Hmmm….is it me, or is there something rotten in Denmark?  Watch below – Burkasrugly Until […]

What If Sharia Is Implemented In America?

Fellow infidels, The Watchman, one of our newest bloggers, ponders what kind of country we will have if large waves of immigrants bring their polar opposite values (Sharia) to America – Burkasrugly What Can non-Muslims (Christians) Expect if Sharia Law Gains a Larger Footprint in the United States? Many citizens in the United States wonder […]

Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circuses)

Fellow infidels, Constantine describes the evils of the Welfare State, especially as it applies to increasing the danger from radical Islam  – Burkasrugly In Latin the phrase Panem et Circenses is best translated as Bread and Circuses. The metaphor was first used by Juvenal, the Roman satirist who wrote circa 100 A D. This phrase describes […]

Zakat, Charity Islamic Style

Fellow infidels, Constantine explains the concept of Zakat  – Burkasrugly One of the Five Pillars of Islam is the practice of Zakat. Zakat is an Arabic term best translated as charity. It is the annual obligatory 2.50% assessment of a Muslim’s net worth to be given to Mosque for charity. The Jewish and Christian pattern […]

Taliban's New Secret Weapon – Part Deux

Fellow infidels, The fans of the Scarlet Pimpernel will appreciate the Pimpernel’s latest effort – Burkasrugly After much pensive reflection I realized I had not exhausted the possibilities of the new fearsome weaponry of the Taliban. Of course, I am speaking of the panic inducing ladies of the Burkha Brigade. Those noble feminine martyrs who lay […]