Taqiyya – Lying for the Sake of Allah

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The Arabic word Taqiyya literally means lying, concealing or guarding. In a more literal sense it is about disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, opinions or strategies with the intention of misleading a kafir about the real truth of Islam.
Taqiyya was born in the tribal milieu of the Arabic clans. The practice is sanctioned in the Koran and bolstered in both the Hadiths and Sira. The Koran, the Sira and the Haddiths make up the Islamic trilogy. Taqiyya is basically telling a falsehood to prevent the denigration of Islam, or to protect an Islamic person from the kafirs or to promote the cause of Islam.
The most prevalent use of taqiyya is to promote the notion that Islam means peace. This idea has been bought lock, stock and barrel by Presidents Clinton, Bush and  Obama. In truthful reality, Islam means submission or slavery. Everyone is the slave of Allah and Mohammed is the perfect man. Islamic females are enslaved to Islamic men. All dhimmis are inferior to Muslims. Kafirs, if they are allowed to exist at all, are enslaved to every Muslim. Islam is a supremacist religion. There is absolutely no equality in Islam. Radical Islam has much in common with the Nazi movement’s concept of the Master Race.
Last week I heard another classic statement of taqiyya. An Imam intoned, “Islam is opposed to the killing of innocent people”. We need to unpack this sentence to see what the Imam is really stating. First we need to understand that only Muslims are truly “innocent people”. Kafirs are considered one of nine classes of filth. A good Arabic translation of filth would be the term excrement. This is what the Islamic world thinks of non-Muslim people. Therefore, it follows that the “killing of innocent people” refers just to other Muslims. No dhimmi, certainly no Kafir, is considered to be innocent. Kafirs can be dealt with in the most inhumane, barbaric manner because they are always guilty, simply because they have rejected Islam.
The Arabs tell a story about Ali, Mohammed’s nephew and the future Caliph. He was sitting on a stool outside his dwelling place, when an exhausted fellow Muslim pursued by an angry mob asked to be hidden. Ali quickly gave him sanctuary. But then Ali moved to another stool on the other side of the door. Next the mob showed up and asked Ali if he had seen the fugitive. To which Ali replied, “AS LONG AS I HAVE BEEN SITTING ON THIS STOOL I HAVE SEEN NO ONE.”
Muslims have developed the practice of taqiyya to a fine art. Learning how to detect the doublespeak of taqiyya just might save your life someday.
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