'Wild Donkey' Muslims Are Scourge To Civilized World

Fellow kafirs, We stand with US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley who defends Israel.  Finally, the US is defending Israel and not joining the Muslim controlled OIC in bashing Israel every chance it gets. Folks, we are back on the right side. (more comments below the video) It is a JOKE that violent Muslim […]

'Defamation Of Religion' Resolution A Joke

Fellow infidels, The ‘Defamation of Religion’ resolution that the Organization of Islamic Congress (OIC) wants to push through the UN is a blatant attempt to silence any true examination of Islam.  Because if anyone gives it a thorough and objective look, the only conclusion that anyone can come up with is that it is a […]

Islam And Human Rights: Never The Twain Shall Meet

Fellow infidels, Recently, the Organization of Islamic Congress forced a resolution through the United Nations Human Rights Council denouncing  “defamation of religions.” Translated, this means that they do not want anyone to tell the truth about the horrendous human rights violations that occur in Islamic countries under Sharia Law.  They will kill you if you point out that […]