Muslims Bring "Rancid Rape Culture" To Europe

Fellow kafirs, Wow, wow, wow. Pat Condell is on FIRE!  I think it is way past time that Europe woke up. And I also think that smart Americans who voted for President Trump have inspired them to do so.  I do detect a hint of hope in Mr. Condell’s message now.  He says the people […]

Women: Defend Yourself From Muslim Immigration

Fellow Kafirs, As Pat Condell states, Europe is importing a violent rape culture by allowing unfettered Muslim immigration.  Muslims do not consider rape – especially of infidel women – as a crime.  Stupid liberal women are too blinded by ideology to see that allowing these savages into their country is going to destroy Western culture […]

Europe Betrays Its Women: Welcomes Muslim Rapists

Fellow kafirs, This is one of Pat Condel’s finest videos.  The liberal feminizis are apparently leading the charge for women to shut up and quit complaining about Islamic beasts raping and molesting them.  This is what is coming  to your community if Hillary Clinton is elected.  She is a Muslim sympathizer – every bit as […]

Trump Tells Truth About Islam

Fellow kafirs, As Pat Condell says in the following video: “Donald Trump is a reaction. He’s filling a vacuum that shouldn’t be there in the first place, and it wouldn’t be there if America had a president worth the name. A president who took seriously his role as leader of the free world. Instead, what […]

Muslim Savages Make Sweden Rape Capital

Fellow kafirs, Did you realize that one in four women in Sweden have been raped, and the vast majority of the rapists are Muslims? If any bleeding heart liberals are lucky enough to read this blog, they best pay attention to what Pat Condell is saying. Because if Barack Obama and his henchmen have their […]

Europe Opens Borders To Violent, Backwards Islamic Culture

Fellow kafirs, Hijrah – the Muslim concept of mass immigration used as a tool to subjugate the native population –  is being used again in Europe.  We need to learn about it because with a president that has Muslim sympathies we need to make sure he knows that we will not tolerate a Muslim invasion […]

Condell To Muslims: We Don't Care If You Are Offended

Fellow Kaffirs, Once again Pat Condell says what is on his mind…and what is on the mind of many citizens – Burkasrugly To reiterate….we don’t give a flip if Muslims are offended.  WE are offended by their killing, maiming, beheadings, bombings, etc.  This country will NEVER become Muslim.  Muslims may think they are winning on […]