'Wild Donkey' Muslims Are Scourge To Civilized World

Fellow kafirs, We stand with US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley who defends Israel.  Finally, the US is defending Israel and not joining the Muslim controlled OIC in bashing Israel every chance it gets. Folks, we are back on the right side. (more comments below the video) It is a JOKE that violent Muslim […]

Devious Religious Fascists Want To Silence Free Speech

Fellow infidels, If you don’t know that we are talking about Islam, then you have been living under a rock.  The Organization of Islamic Conference, or as Pat Condell calls it, the Organization of Islamic Criminals, is hell-bent on pushing through a global blasphemy law.  No way!  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not on our watch!  Islam, […]

Organization Of Islamic Criminals Pushes Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, Another great video by Pat Condell.  This man pays no attention whatsoever to the Islamic bullies.  If we had a thousand of him we would be blessed.  These Islamic bullies are trying to end free speech, but they just don’t know what a can of worms they have opened up!  The more they […]

Mohareb (Enemy Of Allah)

Fellow infidels, As Constantine points out, this  is a scary time for Americans.  As Islam keeps up its steady drumbeat of stealth jihad, Americans can sense that something is not quite right – Burkasrugly In the first ten years of the Iranian Revolution which was led by the Ayatollah Khomeini hundreds of thousands of every […]

Critics Of Islam Should Be Jailed, Say American Muslims

Fellow infidels, Never in a million years would I have ever thought that in America that some foreign entity could dictate to Americans what they could or could not say. But it will happen if we do not take action.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is pushing hard for UN Resolution 16/18 which will criminalize free speech. Specifically, […]

Islamic Organization Wants Worldwide Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, We want to welcome a couple of new bloggers on board.  The following blog is written by Jan Sobieski .  Watch future blogs for our new bloggers- Burkasrugly Today is the day to start fighting back the radical Islamists.  Not tomorrow; not next week; and not next month.  Waiting is not an option.  Volunteer […]

Criticism Of Islam, Mohammed May Land Americans In Jail Soon

Fellow infidels, You have our wonderful Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to thank for this outrage.   Later this month, she is slated to meet with Organization of Islamic Cooperation to help them figure out how they can implement a blasphemy law to stop criticism of Islam in the United States. According to Family Security Matters,  At the […]