Sounds Like Silence (Of Infidels)

Fellow kafirs, infidels, and all who stand for freedom, We would like to welcome a new blogger, Bubba Earle. He found this great video and wanted everyone to pass it on to their friends and family who are ignorant about the threat of Islam. We WON’T be silent no matter what the Muslims try to […]

Franklin Graham: Put A Halt To Muslim Immigration

Fellow kafirs, Mr. Graham has it right….halt immigration from Muslim countries that support terrorism. (And which ones, pray tell, are those who DON’T support terrorism?) Anyway, Gretchen Carlson can barely contain her enthusiasm that the Obama administration has used the term ‘Christians’ when referring to the latest beheadings. If you ask me, she is acting […]

Appeasement Of Muslim World Is NOT Acceptable

Fellow Kafirs, Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? Gosh, what an INSPIRING speech!!! As Reagan said, ‘There is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.’ Americans are HUNGERING for a leader like this instead of the WIMP Obama that we have. Take a look […]

Former Muslim Warns US About Implementing Sharia

Fellow infidels, Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim, has risked her life to warn us all about the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law into our legal system. Listen as she speaks about the chilling threats by Muslims who said they would behead her and harm her children.  And Islam claims it is peaceful? Poppycock! […]

Obama's Syrian Muslims Do Unspeakable Things

Fellow infidels, According to The Muslim Issue, Obama-backed Muslims in Syria stormed the prison in the town of Daraa on 21 March, 2014, to free Islamic terrorists held there. They captured and beheaded all the prison guards and boiled their heads to the shouts of Allah-o-Akbar. Here two heads are displayed before being boiled. Until […]

Who Are The Real Hatemongers?

Fellow infidels, Constantine has included some information about ACT! for America that you may not have thought about – Burkasrugly Do you know how large Act for America is? Do you know how many chapters we have scattered across this great land we call America? We have in excess of 300,000 members. We have over […]

Your Guaranteed Rights Under Sharia Law

Fellow infidels, Constantine warns against the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law to creep into our legal system. – Burkasrugly If in 10 or 20 or 30 years through our neglect and apathy we lose our Constitutional form of government including the Bill of Rights to the steady but sure advancement of Islamic Sharia Law […]

Sharia and the VIII Amendment

The VIII Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:   “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”   Let’s see how punishments are meted out under the barbaric Sharia legal system. Please bear with me the list is way, way too long.   Sawing off human heads for apostasy […]