Petition Trump To Grant Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi Asylum

Christian persecution and genocide is “worse now than any time in modern history”according to a recent report conducted by Aid to the Church in Need.

The report examined the plight of Christians in China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Turkey over the period lasting from 2015 until 2017. The research showed that during that span of time, Christians regularly suffered crimes against humanity. Some were even hanged or crucified.


Asia Bibi, a Pakistani-Christian, is but one example of the horrors that Christians all over the world face.

For 8 years, Asia Bibi sat on Pakistan’s death row for allegedly committing “blasphemy” against the religion of Islam. Bibi endured 8 years of torture, locked up in a death trap of a cell, suffering from severe maltreatment, all while enduring psychological and physical abuses. Asia Bibi was preparing for her death for a crime she did not commit.

Can you imagine as a mother of 5 being separated from your young children? That’s the reality Asia Bibi dealt with for 8 years as her children were rarely permitted to visit.

Thankfully after those years of suffering, imprisonment, and immense public pressure, Bibi was acquitted by the Pakistani Supreme Court based on insufficient evidence.

However, Asia Bibi’s suffering and persecution — as well as that of her family – has not stopped.

Sadly, Asia and her whole family are in hiding as hundreds of thousands of radical angry Muslims are out to kill her and her family.

Terrorists have even been spotted going door-to-door in search of Bibi and her family.

As we watch the herd of mobs from Honduras and other countries in South America rioting across our border trying to abuse our laws by claiming “political asylum” we must remember that people like Asia Bibi, a persecuted Christian, should be granted asylum into the United States.

We are asking President Trump, this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of Christ, to give Asia Bibi and her family the gift of life – literally.

Please join us by asking President Trump and his administration to graciously grant Asia Bibi and her direct family immediate asylum into the United States. Just CLICK  HERE and follow the directions on the next page.

Your email will be sent directly to the White House to be read – this is NOT a petition.

Please forward this email to every single person you know and encourage them to do the same. It is the right thing to do. Help us give the gift of life this holiday season to someone who desperately needs it.

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