Hijab: Symbol Of Islamic Supremacy

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Our friend Dr. Warner explains how the Islamic hijab is a symbol of Islamic supremacy.  They are saying that Islam is superior to Christianity or any other religion.  This is a few years old, but it is timeless.  Please watch this short video.

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Muslims Bring "Rancid Rape Culture" To Europe

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Wow, wow, wow. Pat Condell is on FIRE!  I think it is way past time that Europe woke up. And I also think that smart Americans who voted for President Trump have inspired them to do so.  I do detect a hint of hope in Mr. Condell’s message now.  He says the people of Europe are getting tired of the Muslim savages raping their women and living off the welfare system (taxpayers). I hope they kick all of the BAS%^&DS out  – Burkasurgly

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Jihad Festering in America

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Take a look at this interesting article from Gatestone Institute –  Burkasrugly

Source: Jihad Festering in America

Here is an excerpt:

“A new investigative report reveals that hundreds of Saudi and Kuwaiti nationals residing in the United States — some with dual citizenship, and most students subsisting on government scholarships — have joined ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq during the past three years.”

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Dingbat Muslim Fails To Kill Infidels In New York

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Thank God this idiot was not a good bomb maker, otherwise lots of our fellow Americans would have died.  It’s sad when anyone gets hurt, but one can’t help but think this guy asked for it because he was trying to blow up innocent people.

Muslim people are being used and misled by their Satanic leaders, sort of like how different groups like blacks, Hispanics, etc., are used and pitted against other groups of Americans by the Democrats.

Check out what Robert Spencer had to say about this bumbling bomber HERE.

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Marion Cop Accused Of Terroristic Threatening

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This is very interesting…….

According to KAIT8, A Marion police officer enrolled in the Black River Technical College’s Law Enforcement Training Academy, former Officer M, was accused of making threats to “blow-up” the training academy last Friday.

Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble also confirmed that Algburi was arrested and charged with felony terroristic threatening.

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Muslim Demons Slaughtered Americans 16 Years Ago

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We will NEVER forget the dastardly deed done by the filthy Muslim demons 16 years ago today.  It is SHAMEFUL that some of our fellow Americans were forced to jump to their deaths from the Twin Towers.  Just so future generations will not forget, we will post footage of this below:

and look at the disgusting  response of Muslims in the Middle East…whooping and hollering like the savages they are.  The dog ugly woman makes my stomach turn:

Never forget my fellow Americans….never forget.


Samaritan's Purse Helps Muslims, Christians And Others

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The following letter to the editor recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun.  Jonesboro ACT for America chapter leader, Robert Norvell, wrote the letter – Burkasrugly

In 2014 ISIS conquered Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and began a reign of terror. Hoping to initiate the Caliphate and to install their own strict version of Sharia law, they killed thousands of Kurds, Christians, Yazidis and yes, even Muslims. People were crucified, beheaded,stoned and lashed for the supposed crimes of listening to pop music, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and for women not covering every square inch of their bodies in heavy black cloth. Children (as young as eight), girls and women, and men were executed by these mad dogs of destruction.

In November of 2016 a coalition of Muslims, Christians and Yazidis began the effort to liberate Mosul from the ISIS fanatics. It took eight long months of hard fighting to liberate the city by July, 2017. A miracle occurred in January of that year. Franklin Graham’s non-denominational charity Samaritan’s Purse opened a state of the art field hospital ten miles from the front lines of the battle. It was staffed by over 250 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals all of whom volunteered without pay to serve. The field hospital performed 12 to 15 major surgeries per day and bandaged and tended dozens of lesser wounds each day.

The name Samaritan’s Purse comes from the Parable of the Good Samaritan found only in the Gospel of Luke. This magnificent teaching of Jesus can be found in Luke 10:25-37.

And here is the miracle part:  all of the wounded, Yazidi, Christian, Muslim and even ISIS terrorists were tended with the same loving care.

Where ISIS sowed cruelty, Samaritan’s Purse sowed compassion. Thus, by their actions the Samaritan’s Purse people fulfilled the Sermon on the Mount admonition “to love your enemies”. The Golden Rule of Christianity rose triumphant over hatred, brutality and murder of ISIS,

From the killing fields of Mosul to the flood ravaged city of Houston Samaritan’s Purse humbly goes about its work of Christian compassion.

To learn more about this superb Christian charity, you may wish to google “Samaritan’s Purse”.

Robert Norvell

Demand That PayPal Restore ACT! For America Account

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The national ACT! for America office recently sent out this press release – please take action- Burkasrugly

PayPal recently terminated the accounts of several organizations, including ours, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer for espousing views critical of radical Islam. A Soros backed Group named ProPublica has been targeting opponents using the radical SPLC’s “hate group” listing, to intimidate advertisers.

PayPal shamefully caved to the pressure of Soros. Accounts associated with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were recently restored after their members unleashed a wave of phone calls to PayPal. We must do the same!

ACT’s account has still not been restored and we need your help to send PayPal a message!
Click here to call and demand that PayPal reinstate ACT for America’s account immediately, or you will no longer use their service. You can also express your concerns on Twitter. Just click here to send a tweet to PayPal.

We need express that their knee jerk termination of our account was based on phony data by a radical leftist group (SPLC) and that ACT for America’s account should be restored immediately! We need to send a message to companies that think they can silence anyone, simply for exercising an opinion George Soros doesn’t like. Meanwhile, terrorist front-groups like CAIR continue to operate unfettered? No way!

Call to let them know how outraged you are, and that you will not be using their services again until our account is fully restored.

For Freedom,

ACT for America


Sharia And Women

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Please consider the following facts about women and Sharia compiled by Constantine. Women living under Sharia law are doomed – Burkasrugly

According to Linda Sarsour Sharia is the most pro woman ideology on the face of the earth.

How then Ms. Sarsour do you justify the following tenets of Sharia espoused in the Reliance of the Traveller: A Manual of Sacred Islamic law ?

  1. A Caliph (Muslim Male leader) is exempt from charges of murder, adultery, robbery, drinking and rape.
  2. A Caliph must be a Muslim male, not a female, not a slave .
  3. Women are forbidden from becoming a Sharia judge.
  4. Women are forbidden from becoming a mullah or an imam.
  5. The husband has the right to beat wife or wives.
  6. There is no legal age limit for Muslim girls to be married. A marriage contract can be any time after birth.
  7. Consummation of the marriage can take place at 8 or 9.
  8. No woman has the right to divorce her husband.
  9. A man can divorce his wife for any reason. He simply needs to say “I divorce you” three times.
  10. A man is allowed to have sex slaves or temporary marriages without number.
  11. Parents have the right to have female genital mutilation performed on their daughters.
  12. The testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man in a Sharia court.
  13. A woman can only inherit half as much as a man.
  14. In order for rape to be proven a woman must produce 4 male eyewitnesses.
  15. In a divorce the children are automatically awarded to the father.
  16. A Muslim woman cannot marry a Jewish or Christian man.
  17. However a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman and all the children are considered Muslim by birth.
  18. A Muslim man can kill his wife with impunity for the very suspicion of adultery.
  19. Muslim parents can legally kill their children because they have dishonored their family.
  20. Women cover every part of their body except the face area, and some cases even the face must be covered.

Islam and the Sharia Code of Law is the most anti-woman of all the religions systems in the world. So how can any thinking reasonable woman view Sharia as a pro-woman ideology ?

In hoc signo;


Wild Bill Arrested In Canada For "Hate Speech"

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This is the speech that our friend Wild Bill was going to give in Canada, but Canadian officials detained him and questioned him for hours. He never was permitted to give the speech. They took his iPad and have not returned it. This is all because their prime minister is sympathetic to Muslims and refuses to face the truth about Islam and violent jihad. It is laughable that they thought his words constituted “hate speech.” It is anything but. Watch the video of the speech and you determine whether it was hate speech – Burkasrugly