Religion of Peace disfigures Afghan woman

Handiwork of the "Religion of Peace"

The “Religion of Peace”  seems to do something every day that illustrates that they are everything but peaceful.  One of the most recent examples is the mutilation of a young Afghan woman. Her nose and ears were severed by her husband and brother-in-law on the order of a Taliban commander after she ran away from her in-laws home because she said they were mistreating her.

These people expect the rest of the world to respect them when they do despicable things like this?  Please give me a break.  This is the age of the Internet, and cell phones with video capability.  They can not keep things like this a secret anymore.  The flip side of that is that they want to spread their Neanderthal ways.  (Oops, I’m insulting Neanderthals).  What kind of men are they who harm a helpless woman?  Coward is one word that comes to mind.

And if they are confronted with the horror of what they do, it doesn’t phase them.  They are soulless people.  This can not be allowed in modern society.

Professor wouldn't "mind" being Muslim

Even so-called educated people are ignorant about Sharia law. A female professor at Arkansas State University, who shall remain nameless, once told me that she wouldn’t “mind” being Muslim.  Wow!  That sounds like she can put on and take off different religions like she would a pair of pants or a shirt.  Her liberalism has affected her judgement.

I would love to send her a copy of the film “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” the true story of a woman who was stoned to death in Iran.  In addition to being falsely accused of adultery, her family – including her father, her sons, and her husband – all turned against her and participated in the stoning.  Even animals don’t treat each other this way. 

Does this professor even realize that she would not be able to jet-set around the world by herself, and enjoy all the freedoms that she currently has if she were a Muslim woman in most countries? Or drive, or own property?  Maybe she means that she would want to be a part of the small segment of Muslim women who have some measure of freedom in the United States – a token Muslim woman?.  Perhaps to get the full effect of an array of Muslim women’s experiences, she should become one of those who live under strict Islamic Sharia law in fundamentalist countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Millions of women are forced to have excruciating female circumcisions.  Wonder if she would “mind” being Muslim then?

Ignorance and liberalism are synonymous.  Liberals never listen to what conservatives (the ones with the brains) say.  Perhaps liberals, and everyone else who needs to learn about Islamic Sharia law, should start by reading Guy Rodgers article “What Is Radical Islam?”  This should prompt them to want to learn more about Sharia.

U.S. Constitution is not Sharia compliant

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, the iman at the center of the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque in New York, must be losing sleep over the matter.  I say this because I know that lack of sleep causes a loss of mental sharpness. With all the radical things Rauf is saying, he must be WAY behind on his sleep.

His latest goofball statement is that the U.S. Constitution is Sharia compliant.  I don’t know if Mr. Rauf had a sleepless night before making that idiotic statement or if he smoked some bad opium from Afghanistan.  Regardless, if anyone knows anything about Islamic Sharia law, they know that it is almost blasphemous to mention our precious U.S. Constitution in the same breath with this barbaric system of torture.

If you don’t know anything about Sharia law, please educate yourself.  Don’t rely on the left-wing media to give you their version of it.  They share a hatred of America with radical Islam and you will not get the facts. Instead, seek out experts – people who have lived under this archaic system of laws.  Nonie Darwish is just one of the people who knows the facts about Sharia.  Darwish, an Egyptian-born American, knows all too well what Sharia is all about.  She recently wrote an articlefor where she spells out the stark differences in our Constitution and culture and that of Sharia.

After you educate yourself, please go on over to ACT! For America and sign our petition to stop the Ground Zero Mosque.

Hardhats Refuse to Build Monument to Murder

A grass-roots movement that was started by New York construction workers is gaining steam.  In a story  by Samuel Goldsmith in the New York Daily, workers are vowing not to hammer a single nail for the mosque planned near Ground Zero.  The “Hard Hat Pledge” is the brainchild of one of these workers.  He placed the pledge on his blog and asked others to vow not to work on the project if it stays on Park Place. 

One of the hardhats in the story said that he wouldn’t work there, especially after he found out that the spokesman for the planned mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, said that U.S. policy was responsible for 9/11.  Still another said said he would “rather pick cans and bottles out of trash cans” than build the Islamic center near Ground Zero.

Americans are the most tolerant people in the world.  However, when they feel as if that tolerance is being abused, their patience wears thin. 

Radical muslims have underestimated us – they have the idea that we Americans will just roll over and let them build their Monument to Murder.  We welcome others, but that in no way means that we have to accept their instructions to self-destruct.  Have they forgotten that we all pulled together to defeat Hitler’s vile Nazi machine in WWII? They do not realize that when the going gets tough –  Americans – even though we are very diverse – come together and work like a well-oiled machine to defend our freedom and liberty. No Sharia for us!

If you can’t sign the “Hard Hat Pledge” because you are not a construction worker, please consider signing ACT! for America’s petition to oppose the Ground Zero Mosque.

Nutty Pelosi Wants Critics of Ground Zero Mosque Investigated

Never forget our fellow Americans who died here!
Never Forget!

Even though I know better, I still wake up every morning and think that the far-left nutcases cannot possibly become any kookier.  And I am always proven wrong.  Speaker Pelosi regularly makes dumb remarks, but has really outdone herself this time.  She wants to investigate “how the opposition to the mosque is being funded.”  This lady has no clue, or either wants to score points with jihadists.  She has obviously not studied radical Islam enough to know that they will not tolerate her (since she is a woman) in any position of authority if they gain control of our society and country.  So all of her groveling and bootlicking will essentially get her nowhere.

Guy Rodgers, in his article “Opposing the Ground Zero Mosque” notes that the issue at hand is not the mosque per se, but the precise location of the mosque, and the numerous concerns and questions this entails.  However, some who support the mosque have attempted to paint those who oppose the mosque as Islamaphobes, racists, etc. This kind of knee-jerk reaction can be expected from the left.

Our elected “leaders” seem to have forgotten that they represent America.  Has Speaker Pelosi forgotten that terrible day nearly nine years ago?  Or is it just another political game to her?  Her remarks insult the memory of the Americans who were murdered by savages who had no respect for human life.

Listen to her statements that were posted by Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs.  I’m sure it will inspire you to sign the ACT! for America petition.

Victory Mosque gets go ahead

Despite protests against building a mosque at Ground Zero, on August 3 the Landmarks Preservation Commission  gave their approval for the Ground Zero mosque to go full steam ahead.  The mosque would be a symbol of victory over America in the eyes of Muslims around the world.  Even Muslims know this if they choose to admit the truth, so say the authors of Mischief in Manhattan that appeared in the Ottowa Citizen  on August 7.

In the article, Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, both Muslims, ask why Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his cohorts have such little consideration for their fellow citizens.  I can only applaud them  for their courage in writing this article.  We need more good Muslims to speak out like this.  They also took aim at the knuckle-dragging liberals who support the mosque:

As for those teary-eyed, bleeding-heart liberals such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and much of the media, who are blind to the Islamist agenda in North America, we understand their goodwill. Unfortunately for us, their stand is based on ignorance and guilt, and they will never in their lives have to face the tyranny of Islamism that targets, kills and maims Muslims worldwide, and is using liberalism itself to destroy liberal secular democratic societies from within.

 As Guy Rogders points out in “Opposing the Ground Zero Mosque” tolerance is often a one-way street with some Muslims.  Therefore, it is not surprising to find that they are not sensitive to our feelings regarding the placement of the mosque as well as the timing of its grand opening.  Please join over 86,000 citizens across the country who have signed ACT! for America’s petition opposing the mosque.

Our own government pooh-poohs this mosque as no big deal.  In a post by Allahpundit at  Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air blog   check out  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs telling a reporter that the administration will not meddle in local decisions.  Wow, why didn’t the Obama administration apply this same logic and stay out of Arizona’s business after they passed their illegal immigration law? Hmm….

Muslim announces that "freedom is of the devil."

I was shocked when a young Muslim man recently told me that “freedom is of the devil.”  How could anyone be against freedom?  Freedom is the essence of America. It is in our genetic code.  Although appearing to be polite and well-mannered, this young Muslim man definitely had some radical ideas.

 Guy Rodgers says in “What is Radical Islam”that there is no simple or singular way to define radical Islam, but he points out that is a threat to our national security and freedoms.  A political supremacist ideology gives rise to the advance of Islamic sharia law.  A lot of Americans have no idea what this is – but they had better get busy and educate themselves if they do not want to live under its totalitarian rule.

Liberals and progressives are completely clueless – they are operating under the worn out notion that Americans do not like Muslims because they are “different.”  They try to paint everyone who HAS educated themselves about this very real threat as prejudiced Archie Bunkers who hate everyone who is different than them. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  If Islam were truly a “religion of peace,” but were just different there would be no problems.    This kind of ignorance is nothing new for liberals and progressives.  We must cut through this ignorance and educate people about this threat to our liberty and freedoms.

Muslim "Victory Shrine" at Ground Zero

Not satisfied to bask in the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans, those who subscribe to radical Muslim idealogy now want to add insult to injury by erecting a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero in New York City.  Of course, they don’t wear their radicalism on their sleeves, but they mask it with their lectures about “tolerance” and “multiculturalism.”

Americans are portrayed as “intolerant” even though we have bent over backwards to accommodate Muslims in our country. For goodness sakes, we have even installed foot baths in the Minneapolis airport – an amenity that they do not even have in the Middle East!  We alter our behavior just to accommodate Muslims- and it is about time that they accommodate us by backing off of this ill-conceived idea to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the spokesperson for the Ground Zero Mosque,  should be required to take sensitivity classes.  He obviously doesn’t have a clue because the proposed grand opening date for the mosque is the ten-year anniversary of the most horrific act of terrorism on American soil in history  – September 11, 2011.  This is a collective stab to the heart of every patriotic American.   Iman Rauf and those who support this mosque are spitting on the graves of the thousands of people who lost their lives on 9-11.  And yet,  as reported by Liz Goodwin, some Muslims wonder why anti-mosque protests are on the rise.

What our liberal, multicultural friends don’t understand is that this mosque would be the ultimate in supremacist symbolism.  It would scream “Islam has conquered America!” to millions of Muslims around the world.

In Opposing the “Ground Zero Mosque” Guy Rodgers explains that when Muslims conquer an enemy, they construct a mosque at a sacred site as a tangible symbol of their supremacy.  Rodgers points out that this is nothing new:

Indeed, the act of destroying Christian, Jewish and Hindu holy places and replacing them with mosques is an all-too-common, and unreported, fact of Islamic history.  To accurately report these thousands and thousands of acts of subjugation would, after all, be regarded as most politically incorrect, as well as a knife in the heart of the modern rewrite of history that falsely portrays the 14 century expansion of Islam either as “defensive” or as “tolerant” – or both. 

America cannot allow this mosque to be built.  Voice your protest now, by signing ACT! for America’s petition to stop the Ground Zero Mosque.

Jihad Denial Syndrome: Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

In the 60s and 70s a famous entertainer named Tiny Tim was known for a song titled “Tiptoe Through The Tulips.”  The song reminds me of the way some people react to the subject of jihad.  They deny, dodge, and tiptoe around the subject. 

It is bad enough when uninformed members of the American public buy into the notion that jihad is merely “a personal struggle against sin.” They are totally ignorant of the fact that violent jihad has historically been a means to advance sharia law.  But when our elected officials – who are supposed to do everything in their power to keep us safe – allow themselves to be ignorant on this very important subject – national security is at risk.    As Guy Rodgers points out in his article, Jihad Denial Syndrome, this policy of denying the obvious is not keeping us safe.

If this approach actually worked, we would be seeing a decline in Islamic terror plots against the United States. Yet the very opposite is true. There has been a significant ramping up of Islamist terrorist activity since Barack Obama became president.

Rodgers also points out that while Barak Obama is not suffering from JDS, he is certainly supporting the promotion of the malady.  Americans can no longer sit on the sidelines.  They MUST inform themselves and others about radical Islam and the implications of jihad.