I Read Your Book

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine points out the value of knowing the enemy.

There is a great scene in the movie “Patton” where George Patton wins his first victory over the German General Rommel. Patton  states, “Rommel, you magnificent bas#!@*, I read your book.” In war  you must spend tremendous effort and time knowing your enemy. The more you know your enemy the easier it is to defeat him. Intelligence is the key to winning wars with minimal losses to your side.

Fortunately, Mohammed has left us a complete library of books detailing tactics, strategies and practices of radical Islamic armies. Jihad is well documented if we would only take the time to understand. Dr. Bill Warner has done the Resistance movement a great service in elucidating his concept of the Trilogy. The Islamic Trilogy consists of the Koran, the Sira (the life of Mohammed) and the Hadiths (the practices of Mohammed). Taken together these three documents comprise the foundation of Islam.

The Koran is the so-called record of Allah’s revelation to Mohammed. The Sira documents the life of the prophet Mohammed. The Hadiths record the proper actions of all good Muslims from which shoe to put on first to what size rock to stone an adulteress. Throughout the Trilogy Mohammed is portrayed as the perfect man to be emulated in all his actions. Thus, if Mohammed marries a six-year-old girl it is proper and desirable for Muslim men to copy his actions. If Mohammed sanctions the beheading of Jews, then every other Muslim needs to follow his action without question. If Mohammed enslaves captive women to provide sex, so should every other Muslim.

Often I am taken to task by well-meaning liberals who think I am being too hard on Mohammed and his present day followers. My standard question is, “Have you read the Koran?” Never have I had the first Pollyannish liberal to say, “Yes, I have read it from cover to cover”. What makes them experts on Islam when they have never cracked open the Koran ? Once in a blue moon my challenge will serve as a catalyst to have a multiculturalist actually read the holy book of Islam. The reaction is always the same. They are aghast with the savagery, brutality and horror contained in the book that makes Mein Kampf look tame by comparison.

Our task is educational in nature. We must strip away the facade and expose Islam for what it is. It is  a political system masquerading as a religion. Islam is a fascist supremacist theopolitical system which governs every area of life. At least 80% of Islam is concerned with the treatment of infidels or Kafirs.

Yes, indeed, Mohammed you despicable bastard, I have read your book. I am armed with knowledge.

In hoc signo;


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