Arizona's McSally Says 'NO' To Sharia

Fellow infidels,
This is the lady who was mentioned at the meeting tonight, Martha McSally. She is a US Representative from Arizona, and has announced her intention for running for the US Senate for Arizona. And guess what? This 51-year-old is an American fighter pilot – as a matter of fact she was the first American female fighter pilot.  She was stationed in Saudi Arabia, and when she was off base she was forced to wear a burka (burkas are ugly), ride in the back seat while her male underlings rode in the front seat (since women can’t drive there), and other demeaning nonsense. She sued the military and won the case!

She said that it was not fair for her as a Christian to be forced to wear “Muslim garb” since she was not a Muslim.  AMEN to that! She is a respected fighter pilot, but yet just because she was in a backwards  country that treats women like they are subhuman, the US military wanted her to bow and scrape to the Saudis.  It was clear that the military was wrong. Thank goodness common sense prevailed and she won the case.

Check out her video below:

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