ALAC Will Protect Women And Children In Arkansas

Fellow kafirs,

Arkansas American Laws for American Courts (HB 1041) needs your help to become law.

Please contact Governor Hutchinson with phone calls or emails. You can leave him a recorded message at: 501-682-2345 from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm each weekday or you can send him an email to his executive assistant at the following email address:

Please firmly but respectfully relay your support for HB 1041 and ask that he sign the bill into law as soon as possible. Let him know that this issue is very important to you and that you will be watching to see how he ultimately acts on the matter.

HB 1041 does not attack a particular religion, but rather, protects all citizens, including Muslims, from the application of foreign laws in court cases that could potentially deprive them of their constitutionally protected rights.

Following is a sample letter that you can send to Governor Hutchinson:

Dear Governor Hutchinson:

If Arkansas American Laws for American Courts (HB 1041) makes it to your desk, I urge you to sign it.  Please do not veto this important bill. It will protect women and children in Arkansas from foreign law.  It ensures that courts in Arkansas will not apply foreign laws in court cases.

You have stated that this law is not needed in Arkansas; however, the “it will never happen here” mentality was what brought us abortion (Roe v Wade), prayer being taken out of school and other losses of liberty.  The Center for Security Policy has compiled a list of cases state by state in which Sharia law (Islamic law) was consulted.  You can check that out here.

All American citizens, including women and children, have rights under the US. Constitution as well as the Arkansas Constitution. No foreign law should ever be considered in our court system.

Please sign HB 1041 into law.


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