Action Alert: Please Support Dillards Against Islamic Supremacy

Fellow kafirs,

Please take a minute to read this and take action by clicking on the link to send Dillards an encouraging email.

Here we go again. A Muslim woman in Garland, Texas (sound familiar?) applied for a job at Dillards and she was told she could not wear the hijab on the sales floor. The hijab was invented in the 197os, so it could not have been required in the Koran. Therefore, the claim that it is a religious requirement is HORSE PUCKEY.  CAIR has now gotten involved.

Goofy headgear

If Dillards caves and allows Muslims to wear hijabs, what is next?  Full burkas?  These oversized garbage bags scare kids and have NO place in a civilized society.  The Florida Family Association is a pretty powerful organization, and they have prepared an email that you can send to Dillards to encourage them to stand their ground.

Click HERE to send an email.  Please consider doing this – it is easy and you can have a great impact.  Please also send to your like-minded friends so they can send an email.

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  1. I sent the email on this site, as you asked. Understand, I will fight islam, in every one of it’s facets, until my last breath, and their last drop of blood. I swear it to God. I state this as a member of ACT, and as a member of the Knights Templar!

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