Please Urge Texas Workforce Commission To Reject CAIR Complaint

Fellow kaffirs, Here is the link to the Florida Family Association page that I have included below: Please read the following message from the Florida Family Association and take action. You can click on the link below to send an email to the Texas Workforce Commission. CAIR is whining again about a Muslim woman who […]

Arizona's McSally Says 'NO' To Sharia

Fellow infidels, This is the lady who was mentioned at the meeting tonight, Martha McSally. She is a US Representative from Arizona, and has announced her intention for running for the US Senate for Arizona. And guess what? This 51-year-old is an American fighter pilot – as a matter of fact she was the first […]

Action Alert: Please Support Dillards Against Islamic Supremacy

Fellow kafirs, Please take a minute to read this and take action by clicking on the link to send Dillards an encouraging email. Here we go again. A Muslim woman in Garland, Texas (sound familiar?) applied for a job at Dillards and she was told she could not wear the hijab on the sales floor. […]