Bankrupt Professors And Pastors

Fellow kaffirs, We haven’t posted a video from Dr. Bill Warner in quite a while, so we thought it would be a treat to do so. Dr. Warner is very perceptive and when he says that many college professors and pastors are bankrupt he is right on the money.  He has an interesting message in […]

Wild Bill Praises ACT! For America

Fellow kaffirs, Our friend, Wild Bill for America, spoke in Florida at one of ACT! for America’s rallies against Sharia law. In the video below he talks about that, plus he explains how horrible Sharia law is and how bad it would be if it ever took hold in America. Listen as he describes what […]

Canada Arrests Wild Bill On Trumped-Up Smuggling Charge

Fellow infidels, Apparently Canada wants to lock up a man who speaks out about Muslim violence.  However, they look the other way when Muslims participate in hate speech and violence against women and children.  But, hey, that is ok, right?  We must bow down to Islam because we are mere kafirs, right?  Take a look […]

Writer Defends ACT! For America

Fellow Kaffirs, Iris Stevens recently had a letter published in the Jonesboro Sun. She defended ACT! for America due to a previous letter writer’s criticism of the organization.  Please note that she includes documentation after the letter – Burkasrugly Paul Hiebing’s recent strong criticism of Robert Norvell’s letter regarding Muslim treatment of women was eye-opening. […]

Dhimmis Alive And Well In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Fellow Kafirs, Darrell Geurin recently submitted this letter to the editor in response to a person who challenged “Islamaphobic” letters that appear frequently in the local newspaper – Burkasrugly In his recent letter Paul Hiebing did not address the points that Robert Norvell had made in his earlier letter about the way women are treated […]

Women Mistreated Horribly In Islam

Fellow kaffirs, The following letter to the editor appeared in the Jonesboro Sun last Sunday.  Apparently, a local dhimmi was upset by the truth of the way women are treated under Islamic Sharia law – Burkasrugly In Islam women serve three functions. They serve as baby factories in the perpetual population explosion better known as […]